Alliance High Elf Allied Race Megathread

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Thats just like blood elves with extra steps.
Im glad i can enjoy this game without obsessing about an obsolete race not being playable (jk, they are playable already, only they start in Silvermoon)


Why there’s no such dedication to a different race than elf?

I mean we have night elves, blood elves, void elves, Nightborne.

I believe there’s already too many elf’s on the game. Why not having something new?

But one thing i’ve to say : you have done a great job!

Now do the same job for a completely new race and you will win support from me and from many others!

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I think there were some Naga threads back in BC and then again in Cata, but after that they kind of died off.


You mean those 1996 sprites? Because surely I don’t need to tell you how much has been changed/ret-conned since World of Warcraft. High Elves today are visually just Blood Elves with blue eyes. Besides Alleria there is no other High Elf that differentiates them from one.

So basically they are just blander Blood Elves that almost act like Humans, because that is how what few High Elf NPCs and questgivers that are around conduct themselves like. Before Void Elves I think there was still some merit to be had in playable High Elves, but with their inclusion this ship has sailed. It’s just not happening. We have four playable elf races and they pulled Void Elves out of a magical hat just to make them more visually distinctive from BEs as a middle ground option.

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Ion whispers: The Horde is waiting for you.

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I’m somewhat confused that the old thread stopped bumping to the top when it got replies.

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Go ahead. Embrace another race like we have done, and show it the same dedication. Consolidate lore, gather concept art and lore, create servers and accounts on various social media, and make a thread here.

If you want it, you do it.

It did?

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I cant remember a day without a high elf thread on top.
However, my grumpy old *ss might be a bit biased


I wonder when was this game renamed to world of elfcraft, how about some original concept, go dream your weeb fantasies into some animu like final fantasy and add normal new races not billions reskins of pathetic elves, we already have 4 elf variants and thats exactly 4 more than is necessary …

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Someone started another debate on a slightly different tangent and then the old one just sank and replying didn’t bump it anymore. That new thread also vanished so I think it did the mega thread a dis-service.


Why being so aggressive?

Do you have any trust issues?

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But I thought that they introduced Void Elves as compensation for High Elves. I mean we have 4 Elf races now. Do someone really think that there will be an other elven race again?

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Discourse has a limit on how many posts can appear in one thread before it is closed automatically. The default is 10,000, but it is likely Blizzard tinkered that number. It is like that apparently to help mobile devices.

The old High Elf thread was MASSIVE.

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Even though you’re not contributing with anything, thank you for helping this topic get noticed.

You too. Thank you.

Another one. Thank you.

Such great trolling. Thank you for the attention, though. <3

Thank you.

Ew! No. Void elves were added to be void elves.

Four human races (SW humans, KT humans, Gilneas humans with worgen curse, and undead Forsaken humans), and there’s still room for more. Human ancestors, vrykul, have been suggested. Horde allied humans have been suggested. Yet, nobody asks if this is World of Humancraft.

Personally, I don’t think we’re done with elves at all.

Any more trolls or grumps?


Amazing OP i wish you so much luck :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Where is Brig? He should be here by now. All of the other good big names for past thread are.

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Why would they? Unless such styles are available to Blood Elf rangers, who there are rather famously a -lot- of.

That makes more sense.

Absolutely not. We see three examples of Elves with tattoos or warpaint. One is Kael’thas from the TBC box art. He is quite famously a Blood Elf. Another is Rommath, again, quite famously a Blood Elf, and the third is Alleria, who had left Azeroth -before- the High Elves were exiled from Silvermoon, so her style is -not- indicative of just High Elves

Why not the males as well? My character has feathers braided into his hair IC, and also, again, not a ‘High Elf’ thing.

Why? Why should they have options the Blood Elves do not have? They can put up with the same beards as the Dominant 90% of the Species.

So…like the Farstriders then? Those Blood Elf ones…They are the same people after all…

Coughs What now? It wasn’t the Sin’dorei who were exiled from Kalimdor for being irresponsible with magic, it was the…Quel’dorei. The Sin’dorei didn’t exist as a body politic back then, I think that person is getting confused.

Ach! Why do people in the US keep repeating this untruth. They.Were.Not.Exiled.Because.Of.Fel!
The Exile occurred because they refused to learn the techniques of draining Mana from creatures. It never was anything to do with Fel, They did not overcome their Mana addiction, I mean Quel’lithien says Hi! Or it would do, if almost the entirety of them hadn’t become Wretched because they gorged on a powerful source of Arcane. The Sunwell has a worldwide reach, we know this. It is the same source that the Blood Elves rely upon.

No, no no! Know who came up with that idea? Tolkein. Elves -never- belonged with humans, dwarves and gnomes. In fact none of those races ‘belong’ together. That is a modern day construction. If you look into the history of Elves, then even the more benevolent ones, like the Tuatha de Danaan, or the Lios Alfar (Literally ‘Light Elves’) were at -best- indifferent to Humans, at worst, antagonistic.

I’m all for giving the Alliance High Elves, but they should be High Elves as we see in Game, not ‘Blood Elves -plus’

90% of whom are now Blood Elves. Just sayin’.

……Seriously? You’re posting that from a -Draenei- character?..oh my…

Don’t get me wrong, I am in favour of the Alliance getting High Elves as an Allied Race, I just worry they will throw Blood Elves under the bus to get it. Warpaint isn’t a High Elf thing, Ranger Braids are not a High Elf thing, being Bulkier and physically imposing is not a High Elf thing, Extra facial hair options is not a High Elf thing. These are things that if they -were- the case, would be common to all Thalassian Elves, the 90% and the 10%. The 90% don’t get 'em, so neither should the 10%.

Ominous voice “I was summoned?”

Seriously though, Yes to High Elves, but keep them as High Elves, a lot of those ideas don’t make Lore sense, why not just have High Elves?

(Zakkaru) #39

While a lot of effort was put to create all of these materials, I have to say that I’m against it. we already have 4 playable elf races and I feel that void elves are much more interesting in this regard and bring something new to the table.

From those concepts it looks like people want elves that pretend to be wildhammer dwarf. Sorry for such simple comparision but it really feels this way.

So I’d rather for blizzard to add more pinkish hues to velf and tattos to dwarves who want to play as wildhammer.

More customization never hurt and it’s always win-win for me. But adding 5th elf race is beyond pointless at this time.

(Daltor) #40

While we’re at it, give female nelves golden eyes and give Tauren Grimtotem tattoos.

Not going to argue that.


Or blizzard might be secretly plotting a third faction which only contains elves races who have become suspicious. Of horde and alliance motives and band together to form third faction . :slight_smile:
Then we will need more elf races to come to game .