Alliance High Elf Allied Race Megathread

(Faolanhart) #656

Seeing so much passion & dedication to adding yet another boring elf to what could already be called World Of Elfcraft.

(Türiel) #657

I think that the baldur from God of war 4 was way better.

(Brigante) #658

I legitimately do not know what you mean. I’m not being sarcastic or intentionally cruel, I really am not, that is not in my nature, but I don’t know what you mean. The Sunwell is back up and running, and nourishes both Blood Elves and High Elves, I don’t know what you mean, do you mean the Elf-Gates, like Ban’dinoriel which (Should) have kept Quel’thalas safe after the fall of Lordaeron, were it not for the traitor Dark’han Drathir?

(Türiel) #659

No try to play a few Warcraft 3 about Azeroth. And then try to play as the High elves/blood elves.

(Brigante) #660

I have…I still don’t know what you are getting at?

(Brigante) #661

As in I honestly don’t know what you mean, perhaps I am understanding it incorrectly, what bridges? Do you mean the ones over the river Elrendar? They’re not magical, they’re just bridges… Which is mad, I’ve just realised there is only one. You’d have thought there would have been several, given that you need to use them to get from Eversong Forest to Eversong Woods (Or Ghostlands as it is called now)

Edited as I realised there was in fact only one bridge, crazily

(Türiel) #662

No i meant the one from Silvermoon City to the sunwell.

(Brigante) #663

Ah, got you. No, that Is a Bridge that Arthas created with Frostmourne, he did that to avoid fighting the Dragonhawk riders of Quel’danas. It was a bridge of frost, you actually see it during the Blood Elf Heritage Armour quest, There is not normally a bridge between Quel’thalas and Quel’danas

(Türiel) #664

But it dosen’t look like that so it must have been a fan made idea. AS it has the collor of arcane and not of front and snow.


no… just no

(Türiel) #666

How do you mean by that?


The alliance got void elf, thats your blood elf model, they aren’t going to add in a race which is basically just a blood elf with a different eye colour, it is not unique enough to be easily told apart from a blood elf from a distance, whereas with a void elf it atleast has blue skin and different hair.

(Türiel) #668

Lol yes they are as they’re already a part of The Alliance. So stop trolling.


How am I trolling? Is that a pun due to me playing troll? I am aware that the high elf is part of the alliance, as I do play on an alliance character aswell as horde. I was saying that they would not work as a playable race.

(Türiel) #670

Yes they would. Just ask many of those on here and on discord.


Did you even read my post? I have stated my reasons for why it would work, can you please give me your reasons for why this race would work, as I do not believe it would work at all given how the race looks.

(Türiel) #672

You seem to think High elves first existed after blood elves. But no first High elves then blood elves. And then void elves get the order right.


What are you on about?? Are you the one trolling here? Can anyone help me understand what this person is even saying i’m so confused, are they reading my posts??


I haven’t seen those abbreviations so far.

I am also sure that I have never mocked or laughed at you or done anything bad to you (or to anyone), at least not intentionally.

Plus I meant the bridge to the Sunwell, after reading the comments below, you prolly mean the one made of ice created by Arthas to get to Isle of Quel’Danas, where he fought Anasterian Sunstrider and broke his sword Felo’melorn. Am I right?

Still this bridge was only temporary, maybe you have another one in your mind, I genuinely can’t think of anything else.

(Türiel) #675

Well i still think that the bridge idea could work aswell with an anti evil aura. So anyone with evil in their hearts cannot pass.