Alliance High Elf Allied Race Megathread


They can build the bridge or create magical one - arcane, although the advantage of the Sunwell is that it is on island (in WoW after lore change). I’d bet that Blood elves can teleport their whole army in a reasonable amount of time if necessary and the well is protected well enough that I think that no one has to worry :slight_smile:

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But it’s not traitor safe profe.


I’d say it is, anyone with some mischief in their minds would most likely be revealed, but if you are not aware of it like Alleria, it is questionable. Although Void might be able to surpass any defense.

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Then how come arthas was able to get in?


Because Dar’Khan Drathir betrayed High elves, otherwise Arthas might never been able to destroy Quel’Thalas.

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But then it isn’t traitor profe or how you now spell it.


You can’t create a defense system that would inhibit anyone from telling how you can enter Quel’Thalas, especially when the person is not even in the zone and is not using energies from Sunwell at those times either. Anyway every system has some flaws and Thalassian elves are known for being arrogant, they could have reacted way sooner and much more to try to stop the Scourge.

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But what i don’t get is why diden’t the grand Alliance attack northrend as one?


They did not know about how big the problem was and they had to defend their lands, the Scourge was everywhere, that is why they could not send a fleet to attack the Northrend.

They had no idea what or who Lich King was, why they are attacking them etc.

Just as a side note Quel’Thalas sent only few priests to help human kingdoms. Only Jaina who fleed from Dalaran had High elves with her.

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But it’d be nice if we got to time travel and prevent it like those uncorrupted orcs. We’d be able to save an entire world from the curse of undeath.


I personally would not really like that, the story itself was great, the whole Arthas campaign, well both Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne were amazing :slight_smile:

Plus this would not change the events in our timeline, in our time all of this still happened. We still have High elves in here, now, we do not need any from alternative timelines.

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So remove wod from the game and let it be all a dream garrosh had due to some poisioned food?


Many players pretend that WoD did not happen anyway :smiley:

I mean it is not so bad idea, but it is hard to make it to go naturally with the overall story/lore. There are just many issues, that you have to face.

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Slow down there, Murozond :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Who’s this Murozond that you’re refering to?


It is a twisted version of Nozdormu from the future times.

Btw Tthe names are anagrams :slight_smile:

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I know i did that dungeon and even tried to solo the next one due to they all left.

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Here’s an idea:

With the rumors about the Dragon isles being the next expansion, that might be a good time to add High Elves, and here’s how:

According to some old maps, the Dragon Isles are located off the coast of Quel’thalas. What if some hundred years ago, a High Elf expedition settled on the islands, and got somehow cut- off from the mainland. So they would have no knowledge of the Scourge or the rise of the Blood Elves.

The Alliance with the help of Vereesa Windrunner and the Silver Covenant would team up with them and through a lengthy quest chain (and some rep farming) they would join the Alliance as an allied race.

The Horde could join forces with a local tribe of Forest Trolls who are at war with the High Elves. Forest Trolls have also been a long requested allied race on the Horde.

So the Dragon isles would give both the Alliance and the Horde an iconic allied race.

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Am I…the only person who actually liked Warlords of Draenor? :smiley:

Actually, lemme tell you my favourite bit about it. It was the moments where every Warlord rocked up, in the starting quests, and it suddenly did that still picture of their face, with their name underneath it. It felt like a Spaghetti Western film. Not a genre I am massively into, it was just a neat touch…

I’m not into Forest Trolls. They’re going to add nothing. The Horde Has Zandalari, the Horde has Darkspear, the Horde does not need an Amani knock-off(Apart from anything else, the Blood Elves would wipe them out).
I mean Revantusk could work, but…to be honest…are they really different enough? Make a Darkspear with Green skin. Boom. Your Revantusk…

If people desperately want High Elves enough, then let them have High Elves I say. Me I want something different in return, for the Horde, something with a lore reason to hate the Alliance, proven to be smart enough to form societies, and pretty numerous, and uses a scaled down skeleton model of an existing race (Tauren)

Playable Gnolls Blizz please!


Have them! :smiley:

I mean it is not really a bad idea to add them. I’d prefer Ogres or Mok’nathal, but as Alliance main I am not entitled to say which race it should be X)