Alliance High Elf Allied Race Megathread

(Türiel) #696

Well what i liked about Warlords of draenor was how well ballanced my class The Retribution Paladin was i finelly thought blizzard knew what the fans wanted. But then legion happend. We should had gotton better talants not worse the final verdict should had gotton us better not just affect single targets. :frowning: But as for your surgestion hogger could be their leader ressurected by bolvar and where you free him from being enslaved?

(Brigante) #697

I wouldn’t want Hogger. He’s too much a joke/meme by now. Make it a clever one, in fact, hells with it. ‘Sayge’ from the Darkmoon Faire. Make it ‘Bone-Prophet Sayge, Leader of all the Rainmakers, Deaths glorious heralds, the Gnolls, who will come for you when you die and make sure that your death has reason and purpose, who will make sure that nothing goes to waste, that your birth, your life, your death, all have meaning’

Yes I have thought about Playable Gnolls far too much, based on African mythology about Hyena’s

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Or a gnoll leader from that fanmade warcraft 3 map there was the heir to the gnoll empire?

(Solithrien) #699

Nah, you’re not the only one - My favourite bit was when AU Velen sacrificed himself to redeem the Naaru and save Karabor :slight_smile:

The levelling was fantastic the first time around, I think people just got upset about it not being fantastically alt-friendly and the content drought at the end.

Tbh, I even liked garrisons, though I agree they did end up having too much utility.

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I liked it as well, it gave us a view into a world we never got to see. However, because it was an alternative world there wasn’t too many worries about what happened to it.

The lack of content really didn’t help either.

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Here’s the campain i told you about


Just show some love for the hyena bois Blizz! They deserve at least a new model together with Kobolds :slight_smile:

(Môe) #703

Definitely not, i actually didnt do much raiding and did not play as much as i do now (mainly cause i had uni) but i really loved it.

(Итилион) #704

That’s a great idea and would work for me personally, as long as those High Elves are simple pure High Elves we are familiar with without some additional nonsense, be it tribal lifestyle or dragon blood or whatever ‘cool’ Blizz could come up with. We don’t need another attempt at making new Void Elves, so to say.


Aren’t blood elves high elves that deserted the alliance due to mistreatment as 2nd hand citizens as seen in Warcraft 3?
Starting on their on naming them selves Blood elves?

Just saying…

(Leinadh) #706

Aren’t high elves the high elves that did not want to mana tap living beings and as such were exiled from Silvermoon or those who never stopped siding with the Alliance and never partook in the Blood Elf naming decision?

Just saying…


I take my lore from the games not extended universe novels
So I don’t know.

In the game ( warcraft 3) high elves deserted due to mistreatment

If it ain’t in the game, it ain’t real.


Shouldn’t be too hard to make high elves, but I hate the idea of ending up with too many elf variants in the game.

(Solithrien) #710

That’s fine and all, but those High Elves are in the game. Since Wrath of the Lich King, they’ve played a major role in at least one patch of every expansion except WoD and (So far) BfA.

  • In Wrath of the Lich King, they represented the Alliance at the Argent Tournament
  • In Cataclysm they were the Alliance army sent to fight the Amani
  • In Mists of Pandaria they were the Alliance Army sent to fight the Thunder King
  • In Legion they were one of the Alliance Armies sent to aid the Nightfallen in Suramar (Along with the Nelves)


The latest leaks about the next expansion reveals that allied races are going to be a customization options in the future, saying that High elves and Void elves are customization options for Blood elves. Now I hope (if this is true) that HE customization would also be an option for Void elves, as that would be quite a bad move to give it to Horde only.

I personally don’t believe in this leak, as it would cause some problems to players who currently main an AR character and also, what would they do to Void elves? Turn them to Blood elves?


Just wait for WoW 2.

(Darklight) #713

High Elves would, if they were ever added (and I doubt they would), always side with the Alliance. Horde won’t be getting them.

The few that survived Arthas were exiled from Quel’Thalas for having not become Blood Elves during the Third War. They either went to form groups like the Silver Covenant, which are allied with the Alliance, or they simply assimilated into the Alliance with the rest that chose to stay before Quel’Thalas separated.

Lorewise it wouldn’t make sense for them to join the Horde.

Objectively they are physiologically no different to Blood Elves bar blue eyes, which makes me doubt they’ll ever be added even cosmetically let alone joining the Horde. You’d have two almost indistinguishable races on the same faction. At least Void Elves and High Elves are different enough to get away with it.

Then there’s the fact that they’re almost completely extinct. Unless we somehow happen across a new group of them, hidden away on some island like the Pandaren, it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever be able to play one at all.


the void elves are literally one group of exiles and are an allied race, I think there are plenty enough high elves to play. This notion is ludicrous. Anything is possible in a fantasy world.

(Darklight) #715

True, yet they are a group of exiles from a much larger population (i.e. Blood Elves). A mere 5% of the current Sin’dorei population would be thousands more than the current High Elves in existence.

Then you’d be wrong.

It is estimated that 25,000 High Elves exist and dotted around Azeroth (given that it is noted 90% of High Elves died during The Third War and 90% of the survivors became Blood Elves). Already far less than the number of players that’d reroll to one.

There is no confirmation on that by Blizzard, and I would imagine it to be far less, given that the Silver Covenant and that independent Farstrider Lodge are the ONLY two factions we see throughout Azeroth.

So even if we say that speculation is true (and I sincerely doubt it), there are even fewer that have coalesced and formed any sort of faction. A mere few hundred perhaps.

Besides, Blizzard literally referred to the High Elves as the “remnants of the remnants of a long lost race.” That is cannon. There’s no debate to be had on that there are many I’m afraid.


in the lore, there about 13 champions of azeroth (the player). One of each class, as we see in the depowering of the artifact quest cut scene from legion, so unless you are telling me there are less than 13 high elves, then I think your point is invalid.

Also the void elves aren’t a significant % of BE population, they were literally like, one group, one small pack, that’s it.