Alliance High Elf Allied Race Megathread


The allied races suck so far… I want something new, not just the old recolored races/models.

(Solithrien) #759

The thing is, something new wouldn’t be an Allied Race. I mean, I’d be hyped for an entirely new race too, but it’s not really what ARs are about.

(Итилион) #760

Well, that’s basically the point of all allied races. They were known to be reskins of existing races from day one and that’s exactly why High Elves would make a perfect Allied Race. Considering that some allied races rival less-popular full-fledged races, I wouldn’t be surpised if Blizz sticked to making allied ones. That just brings them the same money with much less effort.

That said, I also don’t think the normal races and allied races are mutually exclusive. They could do both. Most request of a new race I’ve seen so far boil down to some new flavor of beastmen though. To each their own, of course, but considering how existing beastmen are some of the least-popular races, investing tons of resources in making a new one just isn’t a feasible business move.

(Türiel) #761

I agree with you on that. And also that i think that we should get to be able to be playing as a race there’s already in the alliance.

(Livía) #762

Pretty much. Allied races gave the impression of Dark Iron, Grimtotem, High Elves, Farraki, Maghar and the other races/groups that we can already play a variation of.

Guess it have spiralled a bit out of control for blizzard.

(Daltor) #763

People kicked up a fuss when the cows got paladins, I don’t think it will go down any better with void paladins. Change the graphics all you want it is still holy magic and changing it to anything else will require more work than necessary.


I don’t understand why people want blood elfs with basically blue eyes, that’s all, you been whining for years over eye color, and basically you have void elfs now, and you actually want another damn blood elf re-skin? kinda sad, yes that looked to take you awhile, but I seriously hope they won’t do this, cause I already see enough Void Elfs, if you attempt to play horde, it’s just lame to see blood elfs only, and the fact is High Elf is a rare breed.

But hey if you all going to start a riot for a eye-color difference be my guest, it’s always entertaining to watch people making a huge fuss over an eye color :slight_smile:

(Livía) #766

Because they ARE a part of the Alliance, and Blizzard is incessant on reinforcing that fact.

No one asked for the Void Elves, and as it turned out, the Void Elves had no affiliation with the High Elves that have been requested and showed to us for years now.

Elves and Trolls are the “Humans” of Azeroth, they are doomed to be may variants of them.

It have never been about the eye color, it is only a simple identifier to point out that this is an Alliance affiliated High Elf.


Ok, not even going to bother to argu against anime fans x)

(Итилион) #768

But if High Elves become playable, you will probably see fewer Void Elves and Blood Elves. Wouldn’t it be a good thing for you? :slight_smile:

(Môe) #769

You literally came to participate in high elf mega thread but back peddled because you’re not even bothered to “argu” with an elf fan

Who did you think you’ll be debating with ? a Power Ranger fan ? like what?? :joy:

(Brigante) #770

Especially as there actually -are- Blood Elves with Blue eyes, and High Elves with Green eyes.

I…Yeah…I mean I am a completionist, but even I couldn’t be bothered to grind the rep for them. I mean I grinded for Highmountain Tauren despite not having one, but Void Elves, just, ech. No offence to anyone playing one, but I really don’t see the appeal. That’s a me thing, not an inditement on people who -do- see the appeal.

They are, as, well, they are the -natural- inhabitants of Azeroth, Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Forsaken, Goblins, Worgen, Pandaren et al are Titan Constructs. Draenei and Orcs are Aliens. Trolls and Elves are pretty much the only ‘natural’ inhabitants of Azeroth, which, y’know, is a refreshing change. I like when people do new twists on things, its why I like Blood Elves, its not a ‘new’ twist, it is essentially a twist that dates back to our primal myths, that Tolkien then changed for “They’re good guys with bows!” I love a LARP fest system I do, with thousands of players, because, -Humans- are the Elder Race. They came first. Admittedly they were created as breeding stock for the Fae to create other races like Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, etc etc, but they are the Oldest playable race…

This probably was not the thread to enter then. I mean the title should have given that away…

I reckon you would see less Void Elves, not less Blood Elves. The people still maining Belves are there because they -like- the fact that their Elves are more like the ancient legends, and not a Legolas rip-off. A lot of people went Void Elf to try and capture the Elf but Alliance vibe…

Which is cool, fine and dandy, I just prefer my elves to be like the Aos Sidhe, Tuatha de Danaan, Alfar and so on. Not Tolkien’s ‘nice’ elves.

(Leíá) #771

If you ask me, High Elves are very unlikely to happen now, for the simple basic thing; we’ve got Horde Night Elves and Alliance Blood Elves, as playable.

Blizzard have given us the “Elven Allied Races” and I can’t see how or why, they’d include more.
Unless, we were talking of “used-to-be Elves” such as Naga and Satyr, but they are about as likely as I am learning to be a pilot.

(Metushelah) #772

Or you know what would be wonderful? Maybe rid the game of the faction system and then bunch all those variant of the same race under one category!
Boom! Done! People are happy and can choose their own side on the fly instead of committing yourself from birth.


Obviously, several people already proved that High Elves are far more numerous than Void Elves, so I won’t repeat that. However, I’d just like to point out that your entire argument is meaningless. Lore numbers have never prevented gameplay features from being added. They are totally separate.

How many Ashbringers exist in lore? Way less than High Elves. Still every single Paladin was running around with Ashbringer for 2 years. Lore numbers aren’t relevant when discussing gameplay additions.

How many Goblins fit onto one boat, do you think? In lore, all Goblin player characters got away from Kezan on Gallywix’s one single escape boat, on the day of the Cataclysm. There are 780.614 Goblin player characters on the US servers alone. Did they all fit on that boat? No, and the entire Goblin population of Kezan is only 28.400 anyway). Lore-wise they shouldn’t exist but lore numbers aren’t a reason to limit gameplay additions.

Mulgore has 7.650 Tauren inhabitants in lore. Can you spot that many NPCs ingame? Does the lack of the Tauren ingame mean that Tauren are not extinct? No, because lore and ingame numbers have nothing to do with each other.

Or how many Demon Hunters did Illidan train? How many did the Wardens fit into those prison cells? Because there are 1.328.526 Demon Hunter player characters on the US servers alone, and we actually did see the Vault of the Wardens and there’s no way that there are that many Demon Hunters in lore. Does that mean that Blizz should have capped the number of DHs at 200 max, worldwide? First come first served then the class is just locked and unavailable for anybody else? No, because lore numbers are never a limitation of gameplay options.

I hope I made the point clear: lore numbers have never ever stood in the way of gameplay. So it doesn’t matter how many High Elves there are in lore, even if it was incredibly small (it isn’t by the way), it still wouldn’t be an argument against High Elves.

(Daltor) #774

They’ve been a staple part of the Alliance since the beginning and the belves were only given to the Horde to “fix” the population issues in the early game.

If you ask for A and you are given C, would you be happy? Despite C having only a fraction of the qualities that A possesses, completely missing the point of wanting it in the first place.

Lets play count the elves (High elves, Night elves, Blood elves, Forsaken elves, Demon elves, Sea elves, High Night elves, decrepit elves)

Now lets play count the trolls (Buff trolls, sand troll, jungle trolls, blood trolls, other jungle trolls, scourge trolls, ice trolls, the list goes on)

Wrong. Pandaren are natural born of Azeroth, the Mogu were titanforged and thus belived themselves to be better for that reason.

(Destruct) #775

It’s like ordering apples, then be given oranges and being told “BE HAPPY YOU UNGRATFULL CUSTOMER! Atleast it’s a fruit!”.

(Brigante) #776

Ah, yes, thank you, you are correct, I had confused Pandaren and Mogu, Yes, Mogu were the Titan Bois…


Confirmed source? I thought Pandaren were furbolg ancestors whom were changed by exposure to the waters around the old Pandaria which the titans used to help them shape life, In the same vein as the Jinyu from Murlocs? This makes them only a native race in terms of ancestry, in the same way night elves aren’t truly “natural” because they’re a product of titan interference with Azeroth. Happy to be proven wrong as I’m not sure myself, but I’ve heard this somewhere.

The only confirmed natural races we have where blizz have told us so, that haven’t been changed by titan influence are Trolls (though with the glowing eyes of the Zandalari, I suspect there’s something there, I mean all the titan junk as well) murlocs and Yaungol. The rest are either aliens or products of titan inspired evolution. There are others we haven’t been told enough about to know either way such as tuskarr, gnolls, etc.

When you run through SoO you get the whole bit about the waters near immersius being the ones used to shape life in azeroth, so pandaria, when part of the mainland, clearly had some pretty big titan juju floating about. Hence why Mogu were positioned there in great numbers. It would also explain why Pandaria has some many bestial races that resemble lesser creatures but are more intelligent due to the influence of said titan juju (Hozen, Pandaren, Jinyu, Vermin, etc.)

(Daltor) #778

Vrykul (Human), Dwarf (Troggs), Gnome, Tol’Vir, Mogu, Giants and Anubisaths were the original Titanconstructs.