Alliance High Elf Allied Race Megathread

(Итилион) #779

I have just noticed that Blizz added a new portal to the Caverns of Time in Stormwind in a recent patch (probably some time ago, not sure…) and the chronomancers that hold it open are High Elves.

That makes High Elves the most represented Alliance Race among the portal mages there.

(Leíá) #780

“Bronze Chronomancer”

As in, Bronze Dragons, as in - the Humanoid form that most Dragons take.
Don’t read much into that - they are Bronze Dragons.
https:// wow. gamepedia. com/Bronze_Chronomancer


Lies!, what will you claim next? That Chromie is not a real Gnome!? :open_mouth:

(Leíá) #782

Most Dragons dig that High Elf model, ask Alexstrasza and Soridormi




Please no, just no, stop this insanity already.


What insanity? High Elves or the thing about Chromie not being a real gnome?


The High Elfs everyone crying about, it’s stupid, legit blood elfs with blue eyes, like damn, if u want blue eyes so bad make a Death Knight, jeez


They’re allowed to discuss the subject until the heat death of the universe if they want to, you know… It’s not up to you.

The only rule is that they can’t make multiple threads about it.

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No clearly you don’t even know the lore. So i’ll say it in short to you. First there was the trolls who went to serve the godess elune and after a few generations they got changed. And then there were the highborne and the night elves. And then they exiled those who served queen azshara and they fled to quel’thalas and they were then known as the high elves. Then Quel’dorei. And when the scourge invaded the survivers there wern’t in dalaran or other places they renamed themselves to blood elves. And a few years later some blood elves studied the void. So first High elves. Then blood elves. And then void elves. Get the order right. And soon we will get our High elves it’s innevitble. Or how you now spell it.


What has lore anything to do with me saying the game has enough elfs, I know the lore doesn’t matter if I know the lore or not, the game has legit way too many elfs don’t need another allied race that’s the same texture model of the blood elfs, a lot of people want nagas etc more than High Elfs, but don’t see them coming? hmm :slight_smile:

(Türiel) #790

Well it dosen’t matter what you think about that for i’ve heard that at 9.0 we’re gonna be able to play together horde and Alliance due to somone there worked at blizzard leaked it to a friend there then published it.


You need to stop listening to silly leaks from youtubers, I doubt that’s going to happen too much outrage will appear.

(Türiel) #792

It wasn’t on youtube when did i say it was on youtube?

(Leíá) #793

If the factions are ending (big “if”), then that is even more clarification that High Elves won’t happen as a playable race, as “Blood Elves” will be the elf of choice to fill that entire void.

A big “if” though, if Blizzard are planning to get rid of the factions.


I personally would support removal of factions… Or making the race not important to choosing factions.
For example allowing whichever individual regardless of race to choose to follow the faction they agree with.

The main reason for me being for removal of factions is that we’ve gone so much back and forth on the “Best friends <----> Mortal enemies” that it’s becoming ridiculous.

“We hate each other!”

“Oh look! Big bad!”

“We must unite!”

“Yay, we defeated big bad by fighting side by side!”

“Now we hate each other again!”

“Oh look! Big bad!”

Rinse and repeat for eternity…

I would support continued existence of factions if they kept on being enemies instead of going back and forth as they already have.


Disagree. Blizzard could write the story any way they like. For example Lor’themar Theron’s reason for leaving the Horde could be a desire for his people to unite under Silvermoon’s banner once again, neutral and focused on rebuilding and keeping Quel’thalas safe. So he leaves the Horde, the Blood Elven race decides it has left the worst behind and calls themselves Highborne instead. High Elves from all over Azeroth return home.

Inside Silvermoon, there are two splinter groups (like in Shattrath), one choosing to work with the Horde and the other with the Alliance. Both are loyal to Quel’thalas first and foremost, but they also leave their homeland to protect Azeroth under one of these banners.

(Leíá) #796

No that is ignoring the reason why Blood Elves call themselves Blood Elves in the first place.
They will never stop calling themselves that as they respect, grieve and mourn the fallen of the Third War…Anasterian respectfully.

They certainly will not brand themselves “Highborne”, not whilst the current Shen’dralar still roam, who’s presence only added fuel to the fire hatred, between blood elves and night elves.

(Azrathel) #797

Thalassians. Some Thalassians are high elves, and some blood elves.

Not sure it’d work, though.

(Türiel) #798 Well it’d seem that blizzard’s making everyone to be able to be neutrals and choose their very own faction. But i’d like to see how many worgens would join the horde judging by how their prince got killed by them?