Alliance High Elf Allied Race Megathread

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If we had so few true high elves left why are they everywhere in the Alliance, neutral areas and Dalaran? If they want race change money from me this is the way you do it, high elf ranger. They were even planned to be played in vanilla but they ran out of time (See Sylvanas and high elves looking like NEs, inclduing the jump when they stand still too long).

I wouldn’t even mind a void elf if I can make it look like a high elf! Where the only time the void part comes is in when the racial procs.


That would be interesting in my opinion…

Hmm… Worgens joining the Horde. Worgen struggle with an internal rage and bloodlust. That’s similar to what the Orcs do as they are naturally a very aggressive and warlike race.

Could be they find some kind of kinship among the more “savage” orcs than they do in the Alliance? Embracing their natural savagery so to speak.

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Or varian wrynn could make a return where that he gets to act as a guardian and mentors his son and guides him to be the best king that he can be.


You mean in a similar fashion to Calia’s return from death?

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That or a combination of that and the jedi’s way like kenobi guideing luke.

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Blizz still made them take the form of High Elves, while others take the form of Humans (there is even one in the very same room) or any other race.

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But they are not High Elves though.

We can’t say “They are High Elves” if they aren’t. They are Bronze Dragons, using an Elven Humanoid Model. Also, they are friendly towards Horde players. The fact that they use that particular model doesn’t actually mean anything.

These forms have been used, by Dragon Humanoid NPC’s since TBC - it truly isn’t anything new.


Yes, the game needs a 5th elven race where the only change is blue eyes.

Google ‘creativity’


Of course there have to be people like you in this thread


Did you even read OP’s post? Clearly the concept art examples have more unique features than ‘just blue eyes’. That’s creativity for you.

People who assume that an Allied Race of High Elves would be ‘just Blood Elves with blue eyes’ are the ones that actually lack creativity. And before anybody tries to jump in and say ‘that’s literally what High Elves are’, no that’s not how it works.

Hair styles are influenced by culture and society, tattoos are also tools of self-expression and cultural identity, posture and body tone are a result of diet and activity, and even skin colours are influenced by exposure to the environment. So High Elves wouldn’t have to be just Blood Elves with blue eyes, they could have just as many different customization options as Nightborne got (who share hair colour, skin colour, eye color and body build with Nelfs and differ only in hairstyles, posture and tattoos).


Never understood the elf hype, i’ve heard so many complain that we have too many Furry races when we have 3, yet we have 4 elf races and people want more? you guys are nuts!


You mean people with differing opinions? Welcome to life.


this person worked hard on this, and you just come along and rudely ‘share your opinion’


My opinion doesn’t match up to yours?

Have you ever been outside?


All I’m saying is be nice about it lmao


Gross people still want blue eyed elfs? rofl XD!!!

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Says the undead who’s having maggots crawling under his skin like in the mummy and slowly decaying. And he calls us for gross. Wow just wow.


Hello again people.

Here to restate my support for High Elves.


There is a big difference between having an opinion and being plain wrong. People who wave their ‘opinions’ around in the most confrontational way possible often can’t tell the difference, as we see with you.

‘I’d really hate it if the next Allied Race was yet another elf race’ would have been an opinion. ‘The only change is blue eyes’ is just factually wrong. And ‘Google creativity’ was just a condescending insult, which was entirely misplaced because OP’s post is full of extremely different concept art with different hairstyles, skin colours, body builds, adornments and facial markings.

So your comment was either due to blindness, willfull ignorance, malicious trolling, or all of the above. ‘Opinion’ had nothing to do with it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ho boy, I was Summoned. And yes, I do think the Alliance should get High Elves.

You are wrong. That -is- how it works. Blizzard even show it themselves. There is a Blue Eyed Blood Elf, Why? Because he lived in Dalaran when the Fel Crystals were there, now that they are gone, he was never exposed to Fel. Equally, according to Blizzard, the High Elves of the Allerian Expedition also, whilst still being Alliance and calling themselves High Elves, canonically have fel green eyes. This is why the quest text for one of the High Elven characters actually has them explaining that despite their appearance, they are -not- a blood elf, and not about to suck the energy out of the ‘hero’.

However, I sadly am going to have to take umbrage with the next paragraph of yours, but I will do you the courtesy of stating where and why I disagree.

Here I absolutely agree, we go with the trends we see around us. High Elves likely have much more of the ‘human-like’ hair styles available to them, many of which are shorter than the usual Blood Elf male hairstyles (Which has two short styles and they both look like utter garbage).

Lets include Warpaint in there, for fairness sake. So. Lets go over the Elves in game who have Tattoos and Warpaint and whether they are a High Elf thing.
1.The Rangers in WC2. Well, 90% of them died, and of the remaining 90% they are Blood Elves. I mean the Warpaint was even red and this was before the Blood Elves existed!
2. Kael’thas. Rather famously a Blood Elf, in fact the one who named the race as such.
3.Rommath. Again, rather famously a Blood Elf.
4.Alleria. Now this is the case everyone uses to justify High Elven Warpaint, However, consider the chronology of events. She was not on Azeroth when the Blood Elves named themselves such, she was not even aware of what had happened to Sylvanas till Vereesa told her in Legion.

When she left with her expedition and Turalyon, -everyone- was a High Elf. The only other people with such markings were High Elves, but now are Blood Elves. Warpaint/tattoos therefore are either an ‘Alleria’ thing (Not likely as Blood Elves have them) a Thalassian thing (In which case Blood Elves should have the option too) or more likely Warpaint is a Ranger/Farstrider thing, given the Rangers in WC2 have Warpaint, but the Magi/Priestesses do not. The vast majority of Rangers/Farstriders are Blood Elves.

Which are the same for Blood Elves as for High Elves, Some live in cities, some are outdoorsy types, their physical diet has not changed, the only difference is that High Elves drained items for a time, Blood Elves drained items and creatures for a time. Neither now has to. Their diet, and activities are identical.

True, but again, those environments are not different. Yes, Blood Elves live in perpetual Spring, but until recently, so did High Elves. Some lived in cities, some outdoors, that is the same for both. It is likely Blood Elves have a predisposition towards being more tanned, living in eternal sunshine, but we see plenty of Blood Elves who are pale. I mean Lor’themar isn’t exactly bronzed…

The Point about Kaldorei and Shal’dorei is a good one, however, they were separated for 10,000 years. Blood/High Elves have been separated for what, 20 years? Every High Elf alive (I’ll clarify this later) will have had exactly the same environment as every Blood Elf alive.

The Exception to this, would be children born since the Exile. Given what we know about Elven aging, then even the very oldest of them, would be no more than 20, so adult, but barely.
That simply isn’t enough time for genetic differences to occur, the first generation of Non-Silvermoon High Elves is just coming of age now. Things like that do not happen over one generation.

So really, of the differences you list, only hair styles really make sense, as they are a transitory change that can happen in 20 minutes at a barber shop. Everything else, just wouldn’t have changed.

So yeah, they kind of -are- just Blood Elves with (mostly) blue eyes. Which lets face it, is how they are depicted in game.

Logically the Maggots shouldn’t make sense. Forsaken are supposed to be stuck in their state, which means either that they have done all their rotting, and are stuck in stasis, in which case Maggots would have no sustenance as they do not eat flesh that is not rotting (Hence them being a really useful medical cure for necrotising flesh, they’ll eat the dead flesh and leave the alive flesh alone) -Or- that the people of Lordaeron really have nothing to worry about. Either the Forsaken will be skeletonised in a matter of years and they can just move in, or they wanted to speed the process, just fire shells filled with maggots at Forsaken armies, give them a taste of their own biological warfare.

Again, its an odd one. Logically Forsaken should not smell. Of Anything. (Which in itself is pretty darned creepy). They’ve done their rotting, and are in a fixed state. No decay, no bad breath, no sweat, no pheromones, none of the things that we all just take for granted, but animals would probably find hella creepy. No matter how clean you keep yourself as a person, you smell of something. Forsaken would smell as antiseptic as a hospital ward, which again, is creepy.

Well…No, that is factually correct. Blizzard have stated this.

It is beautiful art, but it ain’t High Elves. It doesn’t make any lore sense.

Have HIgh Elves, but don’t lose sight of what they actually are, or would look like. We see them. In Game.