Alliance High Elf Allied Race Megathread

(Shenshugoki) #839

If you want to play fair & beautiful elves, the Horde is there for you!

(Leíá) #840

Or the Alliance…you could just play a Void Elf.


I see you’re quite ready to accept your own explanations as to why Tauren could have mitigating factors for not having face paint, while you reject the viability of my explanations as to why High Elves could have face paint. And fyi, Tauren do have facepaint, they had facepaint since vanilla, it’s just on one of their faces instead of being a choosable tattoo option. But it’s very much part of their culture, far more than Blood Elves from what we’ve seen. And since HM Tauren got face paint while regular Tauren didn’t have them added (same with DI) the same could easily be done for High Elves. Because holding High Elves to a different standard than other Allied Race precedents is just reducing the odds of them ever becoming a thing.

Because sure, in an ideal world, we would have tattoos for Dwarves, and war paint for Tauren, but WoW isn’t an ideal world and Blizzard are never going to implement every single customization that a race could have. And usually these are only given to newly developed ARs instead of the old ones too. Expecting that High Elves and Blood Elves should somehow fulfil this ideal world scenario that no other race fulfilled before they ever become a thing (‘Helfs can only have facepaint if Belfs get it too’) is once more reducing the the chance that they ever get implemented.

You people really need to stop beating the dead ‘so much time’ horse. It doesn’t take more than a year to change face paint trends, diet, hairstyles, postures and muscles (take a bodybuilder and make them fence instead, their muscles and their posture will change). None of these ‘cultural’ changes require more than a year. Just because WoW races are stagnant (bc Blizz can’t be bothered to develop most of them) doesn’t mean that Allied Races need to stay whatever basic copypaste race they were before, with no natural development.

That we know of. They aren’t different as far as we know, for now. You also don’t know the contrary, that Belfs and Helfs currently do eat and train the same way. Therefore it is a possibility. Again, not a necessity to introduce posture or fitness changes to them, but a possibility. I gave plenty of reasons why that could be the case.

As fascinating that speculation about chunks is, its premise is entirely flawed. Have you seen Kul Tiran children? Are they different at birth, can people tell ‘oh this is a chunky one with chunky bones’ and ‘oh this is a scrawny one’ or ‘oh this looks normal bet it will be an Admiral’? Because that’s not how ir works irl, and that’s now how it works ingame either. If Jaina was a sickly child or malnourished, she would have been scrawny. If she had to haul whales with her da every day and had an passion for feasting on a bucket of boar legs since she was 8, she would’ve developed muscles and chunk. And yes they are the same species. The same way your own population (wherever you live) isn’t made up of uniform humans.

Some Kul Tirans are scrawny. Some are normal sized. Some are huge. We get to play the huge ones. And I’m glad we do get to play them instead of Blizzard going ‘hell no we’re not adding yet another human Allied Race’. Which is why it would be perfectly okay if Blizzard implemented a High Elf AR that has different postures or doesn’t encompass all the body variations of the race (no race does).

And again you’re holding High Elves to a different standard than any other race. High Elves shouldn’t have a different posture from Blood Elves because a more athletic stance would only apply to some individuals not their race as a whole? Why does the Belf’s posture apply to their entire race as a whole? It’s a ‘look-at-me-I’m-fabulous’ pose and it doesn’t make any sense for a militaristic Blood Knight or an angsty Demon Hunter. If Belfs (and all other races) are fine with a particular posture that would only make sense for some of their members, High Elves would be too.

Says who? Where is the up-to-date lore info about their lifes being identical? Their training type? Their training hours? Their preferred moves? Their diet? We don’t have lore to indicate that they are different, yes; but we also don’t have lore to confirm that they are the same.

And that’s your problem and why most of this discussion is going nowhere. Hence the ‘denseness’. You’re hung up about what High Elves as an undeveloped NPC group are right now; but this thread is about discussing High Elves the potential Allied Race Blizzard could implement in the future. What an undeveloped NPC group looked like at the time was never the be-all and end-all of what a playable Allied Race could become. Nobody is arguing about what they look like now, we’re just making suggestions as to what they could look like if they become Allied Races. Many of these suggestions in fact increase their chances of being implemented as Allied Races at all.

As I said, there would be plenty of potential lore to explain these, more than many other changes they made with no explanation whatsoever. I like High Elves enough that I’m willing to entertain many possibilities instead of limiting their future development to the least likely version.

(Итилион) #842

There are 5 Humans (+2 Kultirans), including one Bronze Dragon. 4 High Elves, including 2 Bronze Dragons. 4 Draenei, 2 Gnomes, 2 Worgens, 1 Void Elf and no Dwarves or living Night Elves. Don’t you think they are a bit overrepresented there for a race that’s not playable?

(Leíá) #843

No, because we’ve got Blood Elves and since they aren’t High Elves anyway…

(Türiel) #844

We’ll get our elves sooner or later it’s inevitable.

(Leíá) #845

You’ve got them - in two forms might I add. Blood Elves and Void Elves.

(Türiel) #846

And High elves. And The Alliance needs an elven Paladin race. The High elves would fit that spot perfectly.

(Leíá) #847

High Elves-Blood Elves - what’s the difference?

Plus, if any Elven race on the Alliance is going to be a Paladin, it will be the Night Elves. I look at you Delas, your uncle, the Priestesses of the Moon

(Brigante) #848

It isn’t inevitable, sadly for those that want High Elves, we cannot say that any future race is ‘Inevitable’, even Vulpera and Mechagnomes are not Inevitable as playable races. Very likely, yes, inevitable, no.

High Elves would make sense to be able to be Paladins, yes, however I am not sure the Alliance -needs- an Elven Paladin race. I mean, they would make sense, but I am not certain they are currently ‘Needed’ as such.

Eye colour, mostly, although there are blue eyed Blood Elves and green eyed High Elves.

A possibility, sure, but Turiel is right, High Elves as paladins would make sense.

On a side note, how is the self-teaching yourself English going Turiel? (No that is not sarcasm or a jibe, before anyone thinks it is.)

(Leíá) #849

If High Elves were playable, which they aren’t.

Night Elves on the other hand…

So, really - they are one of the same thing.

(Brigante) #850

Yep. They are the same species, same race, they just call themselves different things. That is the whole point of them.


Any news if we will get them or a hint of it?


Same species yes.

Same race however, with the word race used in the context of wow, no.

(Saílor) #853

No. You already have the void elf, thats the filler for high elf

(Brigante) #854

That is Blizzard using the words wrong, they are the same Species and same Race. The -ONLY- difference, is what they call themselves. That is it. That is all there is. I mean that literally is the only difference, even eye colour is not unique… Nothing is, just what they call themselves.


Jesus let it go already lol I know so many of you makes sure to post here all the time, Just play a void elf, or a Death Knight Blood Elf for blue eyes, like brother stop this infected post already


Perhaps we already do play Void Elves and Blood Elves, but perhaps that doesn’t alleviate our interest in playing High Elves. Could it be that different groups of culturally and aesthetically different elves don’t fulfill the same niche? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have two Velfs and three Belfs, but that still doesn’t stop me from wanting playable Helfs since I can’t currently play an Alliance High Elf which are culturally and aesthetically different from Blood Elves and Void Elves. Just as having my Tauren didn’t stop me from wanting to play a Highmountain Tauren, even though those subraces are far more similar culturally than Belfs/Velfs/Helfs.

So thanks, but asking for playable High Elves (which has been going on since Vanilla) isn’t prevented by whatever a**pull Allied Race gets added in the meantime since they don’t fulfill the same role. In fact Blizzard went out of their way to make Velfs based on Belfs not Helfs.


No, after 15 years you would think Pro Helfers would get the message

(Brigante) #858

They don’t want to play a Void Elf, which lacks some of the classes that a High Elf could be, and a Blood Elf Death KNight would be on Horde, not Alliance

It is one thread, it is not that difficult to ignore it, especially as it is fairly abundantly clear what it is about. It does not interfere with anything else, why should they stop it? Because you say so?