Alliance High Elf Allied Race Megathread

(Daltor) #879

To stress this point, they’ve been treated as more of a part of the Alliance than the Gnomes have, who have only been treated as a joke race since the start.


What we need to keep in mind is that playable characters make up a tiny portion of a race’s overall population. Heck, you could probably make the argument that lore-wise, ever since WoD or Legion, the players are 1-12 individuals based on which story you’re playing through.

Even if someone could play as a Night Elf on the Horde or an Orc on the Alliance, that doesn’t really say anything about those two races and their political standings. One orc going rogue to form friendships with all sorts of races and going on adventurers together isn’t new, that stuff happens all the time in the books and comics. We as players are more comparable to characters like Broxigar, Malfurion or Khadgar than we are to your average NPC soldier.

So in my view there’s nothing odd with playable characters going neutral.

(Türiel) #881

I agree but i highly doubt the kal’dorei will ever join the horde willingly after what happend to teldrasill.

(Azrathel) #882

I don’t think dissolving the faction restrictions completely would be the way to go. Orcs in Stormwind would just be too weird. Night elves in Orgrimmar? Like, living night elves? The hostilities are just too iconic for the game. But there are several other solutions that might work. Allow some races to defect. Give them proper lore as for why they do it. Another option might be to make new factions similar to the Aldor and the Scryers, but make choosing these factions have a lot more impact; let guilds recruit from these factions, allow cross faction communication completely - the few pilot projects for this have been successful anyway.

For high elves, this would still mean they wouldn’t really become playable. Blood elves would probably still level up 120 levels as pure Horde blood elves. From a role playing perspective, it might be possible to buy character boosts, or just suck it up and get the levelling done with - especially if blue eyes were added. But it’d still be suboptimal, and not really playable high elves.

(Итилион) #883

Are there any other races that could side with the other faction though? Perhaps Goblins (as they were originally neutral) but they are Horde too. I can’t think of any Alliance race that would want to side with the Horde, especially after BfA. And letting specific races defect would mean that there need be some on both sides.


While I’m not a fan of the widespread race defection idea, some Alliance races could easily play on the Horde side too.

Void Elves for example. There is no reason for them to be in the Alliance at all. They’re not ex-High Elves, they’re ex-Blood-Elves (don’t ask me why, I’d much rather they were High Elves who learned some extra tricks from Alleria after she returned). Sure Lorthemar doesn’t want them near the Sunwell specifically, but we don’t see any Forsaken or Mag’har near the Sunwell either so surely they could fight for the Horde just as easily (and it would make even more sense than them joining Lightforged Draenei and Night Elves).

Mercenaries and pirares are pretty common amongst the Kul Tirans, and our Horde characters already have some buddies in Tiragarde, so KT Humans could be ‘neutral’ just as Goblins or Nightborne could be neutral.

Still, it would be better if races couldn’t just defect imo.


I was just wondering what will be the response to the old Thalassian models :slight_smile:

(Türiel) #886

Well i saw the old high elf models and i don’t like them they look like a weird barby doll. I prefere the moe updated ones.

(Livía) #887

The faction system itself is killing the game… A long with the writing team incapable of writing factions. Seriously why should the player base be split at all times… Not to mention that the actual horde vs alliance conflict ended back in wc2.

(Türiel) #888

The Alliiance shoiuld win. And here’s why we have the most powerfull characters like jaina there can kill any members of the horde in a 1vs1. Not even the horde’s mightists could bring her down and you coulen’t even interrupt her teleportation spell. And gen graymane can easilly 1vs1 saurfang and win. He’s a werewolf with enchanted strength speed agillity and stamina and he can climb on walls and be quite stealthly so much saurfang would poop in his pants. And then we have the dark iron dwarfs there could be teleported into orrgrimmar’s underground tunnels and start gagnarok down there to cause chaos while we invade orgrimmar and finish what we should had ended back in mop. But know this if your horde fails to uphold honor as garrosh’s did. WE WILL END YOU!!!

(Итилион) #889

Well, I actually liked them back when Classic originally lauched and I wouldn’t mind, if High Elves got a new hi-res model similar to it in concept. Perhaps, something that would be inspired both by it and the current blood elven model. But the silly bouncing they inherited from Night Elves has to go. Definitely.

(Moontear) #890

YAY, my beloved ELVES! So, when High Elves goes live? ;p

(Türiel) #891

Hopefully soon and maybe they could be having diplomacy aswell? As that racal’s so nice to get those surplies rewards with and maybe a Paladin bonus thing aswell.


dk with heritage armor of belfs, is considered as a high elf or not?

(Türiel) #893

No they’re undead.


i mean at least they will look like… blue eyes and etc

(Türiel) #895

But they won’t be what we want which’s already in The Alliance and has been helping us in the war.


If blizz wanted to give Helfs to allys they’d do it long before, ogres were helping us as well, but as you see nothing happened.

(Türiel) #897

Because they cannot fit through doors.


Kultiran’s use same skeleton as ogres do, it is just an excuse. Zandalari have the height of Tauren but still playable