Alliance Late Night raiding guild - 02;00-04;00 GMT+1


Good Evening!

the guild Zion on Silvermoon is currently recruiting for their Raid Team.
we’re a 6/9 Heroic raiding guild and we are actively in need of new members for our raid team.

All roles are welcomed and all skill levels of players!

our raid nights are on wednesday, thursday and Monday 02:00 to 04;00 (technically its on thurs/friday/tuesday)

you can contact me on Bnet: Mrmax#2149
Our officer: Myrdros#2474
our join our Guild Discord:

have a good night! :slight_smile:

[h - draenor][eu] lf late night guild

Feel free to also contact me as I’m also one of the officers in the guild.
Character name: Aneura
Bnet tag: xredx#2656


Just wanted to update the post by saying that wer now 7/9 heroic! on to Blockade!


Updated : In need on ranged dps


Update here, Jaina down to 7%, shes gonna die very soon! also in need of DPS :slight_smile:


9/9 HC now.


Hello! Small update

Wer currently looking into starting progress on Mythic, but sadly wer still lacking 2-3 players for a full 20 man roster, wer mainly looking for Ranged and possible healers. However if your a Melee DPS or a Tank your welcome to apply and we can see if we can sort it out.

On a side note, if your on a Different Realm then Silvermoon, your welcome to check out the Heroic raid with us, if you like it you could transfer after :3rd_place_medal: