[Alliance] LF Healer for RMx

Hi. We are a rogue/mage around 1800 CR, from playing RMP disc.
Our experience is a little all over the place; my peak being 2.1k in BFA season 1 as the mage in RMP, and my rogue also has 2.2k experience from BFA in 2s.

We started playing together a few weeks ago and are now looking for a long term healer, doesn’t necessarily have to be a disc priest, you can also be a holy priest or pally.

Our goal is to form a long term team, and for now our ‘rating goal’ is reaching 2.1k.

We will play probably play 2 min. 4 max. days per week, so realistically about 3 times a week.

The most important thing we require from you is to have a healthy mindset.
So, preferably, be around a 1.7k-2k~ish experience range, with a good mindset which keeps looking to learn, improve and grow.

Also have a clear understanding of english, and we will be using voice comms too ofc.

hit us up.
bnet is Gojira#21518