Alliance pug winning strategy

AV for horde is a gamble: if they face a premade they lose if pug they win.
For alliance pug it’s simple: if you are not lucky enough to end up in a premade you lose.

So the solution is that every time you end up in a pug just leave.
Yes you lose 15 min, but that is still better than horde queue.
However if all alliance leaves AV then the game will be stopped and horde will leave without enough honor, so horde will face only premade or go back to queue after 5 minutes.
At least this way alliance pug would be a decent gamble: if premade stay and win if not leave and the next premade games will compensate your time, honor and rep loss.



Why do you need luck to get in a premade? Just buy a mount and join their discord.

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I only played at the beginning but horde can beat those premades, some of them are fairly unorganised.

You want to know how to win as a PUG? Make sure people are working together, not against eachother.

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Check the title: alliance pug winning strategy.
Obviously alliance pug for those players who don’t have 100% mount yet, don’t have high rand and bis gear or just don’t have 6-8 hours / day to play so they can’t join to premades.

Can you even win as a pug when you start most av 10-15 allies vs 40 hordes. I don’t think so. You’re far back from the very start of the BG.
Allies can’t even get past choke point at Belinda anymore.

The OP strategy is a good one though, and it seems more and more are doing this (fishing for premades).

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There’s more than one route past Balinda, right?

@Bempri Ouch. I wouldn’t even do WSG with pleb mount.

No, there’s a choke point there. When the game starts with 10v40 horde can easily block the path at IW bunker.

Well I cant draw a map or anything… But Balinda’s base is in the centre of two paths, right? There’s a split at SH GY, which is 2 major paths and 1 of those paths splits to two at the base of Balinda.

That’s 3.

I can read thank you, its meaningless to to pug av because you will start 3v40 and play with afks and bots, there is no strategy its not doable. If you don’t have a mount you need to be farming for your mount, and there are multiple premades you can join with a 100% mount alone, there are thousands of people in those discords nobody expects you to play 6 hours, you can play a game then leave.

I understand completely.
However there are still pug players and there will be it’s an advice for them.


I don’t get it, why are you doing AV?

For the exalted epics for example.

Alright I understand that but then I don’t understand why you would get deserter. I’ve done the rep grind while also losing almost every game(private server) It’s still faster than every other grind

I understand why you might want to play in a pug, but I am telling you its not winnable, its VERY hard to come back when a game starts 10v40 and a significant portion of your teammates are afk/bots, its not a tactical issue, you are losing before doors are opened. You want tips for playing w/o a premade? Only enter new av instances, you will have a chance sniping premades.


Because lately the game is getting longer and thanks for the uneven teams horde started to graveyard farm instead of finishing quickly.

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Well I would leave then but not at the beginning. This is a team game, people need you even if your mount is useless

That’s the point: if everyone leaves if there’s no premade and only enters new instances then all the empty ones would close.
So the difference between alliance pug and premade would be the waiting time not the possibility to win.

I’m not getting it though, during those 15 mins you’re not getting any rep.

If its winning you want more than rep, then alright. You should get a 100% mount.

If the game lasts for 40 min with 100ish rep at the end it’s worth staying in queue longer and win.