Alliance "pvp"

Your style of fight = cowardly, annoying, time wasting.

You cant beat us 1v1, you always attack us outnumbered, you never strike us at full hp/mana. You fight really honorably.

Shame on you.

Strange, you just described hordes for me


Are you sure you are posting on the correct serverforum? Looking at stats you are 70%+ of the serverpopulation.
You must be either delusional or just on the wrong forum.


dwarf priest Anti… you are a true hero of alliance. Your skills of killing low lvls that fight quest mob at 50%hp are legendary. I admire how you play. Wish I could meet you in person

You reply makes zero sense

Looking at which stats? There are none official?

I’m a horde and pvp alot, it’s true but i don’t really judge them because of the imbalance, it sucks. If you go like searing gorge and other hotspots you see like 10 horde players zerging down solo alliance 1 second after they respawn time after time. Of course they are gonna need big groups to counter that, even if they crush for some time with 20-40man raids, if they stay for not too long they eventuellt get overrun by the sheer amount of hordes roaming around solo/in small groups that simply outnumbers a full raid.

Game would be much more enjoyable if more people did solo world pvp / small group pvp, it’s trending towards that and I hope it continues

There are no official stats that I’m aware. Though wowclassicpopulation Gives a decent picture atleast.
And you have to be blind to not see the imbalance. Take for example getting to BRD. There is a chain of horde groups all the way from FP to the instance entrance. All jumping at the as soon as you land. As soon as you ress. Takes 10-15 resses before you are even close to the instance (45 min to get there surely). Maybe 1 alliance grp down at BRD entrance from time to time.
And this is a recurring theme in the whole game. Feralas, Gadgetzan, Burning steppes, EPL, WPL. Any place that has a player thats 48+ and provides honor.

But hey, since there is no official numbers I guess this is only my opinion and experience playing the game…

Im not gonna deny horde population being in favour, yet my experience is allot of alliance in and near BRM constantly.
Anyways maybe we play different days/time.

Please release bgs now so we dont get cowards hordes jumping you when you already have mobs on you

Another part of your shitt*y attitude : camping on zepelin. screw u!

I had the impression that “iddqd” was a decent guild, guess I was wrong…

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