(Alliance) Scared of Dungeons EU EN

Now since some forum shenanigans happened and I can’t find our original post through normal looking, I’ll just repost here:

Community : Scared of Dungeons EU EN
Language : English
Faction : Alliance
Leaders : Danaien (currently away) but we have multiple Reagents!

Notes :

Are you a noob? Do you feel uncomfortable in a dungeon because of all the tactics? Is the story forcing you to finish a dungeon you don’t wish to do? They kick you from parties all the time? ARE YOU SCARED of dungeons?

We should help each other! :slight_smile:

… or just you aren’t scared of human errors and wish to help those miserables…

Remember those times when wow community wasn’t that toxic? When ppl laughed at wipes and were more friendly to each other? When party didn’t simply kick out anyone just because a few mistakes? I remember and would like to bring that back.

Now thats the original post. Something to add from me:

I’m a proud member of this community and for last 2 months event organizer and self appointed teacher.

Since we started. We managed to do Normal dungeons. Heroic dungeons AND we are now running MYTHIC and Mythic+ dungeons. All with full community groups of people who tought they will end with normals in september.
Right now we have 8-10 regular attendants to the weekly sunday activity and we are looking to expand.

We even killed 3 bosses in Black Temple Timewalking raid 2 weeks back, and if there will be enough ppl we might as well try raiding on the current level.

So if you are out there and you are Scared of Dungeons. Don’t be. Join us and we will do some fun! And of course unscare you and stuff… :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: Fun is relative to each person. But if it is a wiping and learning, then doing something stupid and wiping again only to laugh at the situation and then finally complete the run for the satisfaction and the sweet loot you might think you couldn’t get. Then it’s the fun for you. :slight_smile: No yelling (well capslock writing so far no voice comms used) swearing and stuff happens.

(Original forum post can be found here: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17622622895 )

  • Elwing :wink:
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Joined about a month ago, and must say it’s a really cool community. I am not one of the most agile players so to speak, and that also plays a part I do not like pug’s and the go-go-go mentality that so often comes with them. So I hardly went to dungeons anymore, let alone raids, but then of course one misses out on a lot of content. Since joining this helpful community I already have been along on several dungeon and raid runs, and can only say that I really enjoyed it. And thanks again Elwing to help me improve my rotation!


Very nice and friendly community :slight_smile:

So apparently, we have a website and a discord now:


credit goes to Roxelana :slight_smile: all is brand new, but feel free to check it out.


First day with the girls and guys of SoD … really had a fun time. So thanks all of you who were there !

Highly recommended!



I am a freshly dinged 120 nutty Prot Paladin (that sometimes also thinks is a healer/DPS tho i have no clue what i am doing most of the times xD) that is currently looking for a home and you guys sound just like what i am looking for sooo… expect a blue lady to invade you this evening :stuck_out_tongue:


Should be fun :stuck_out_tongue: Hope that by now you had your share of fun!

Sounds interesting! You all at level cap or some levelling as well?

Some are leveling aswell :slight_smile:

This sounds like a fun community to join. I enjoy Dungeon runs, but as I have been away from the game a long time, I have no clue how to get started with Mythic Dungeons.

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So just a heads up, as of today, we peaked at 26 ppl online at one time.
And we went to Uldir!

Downed 5/8N

Now I know this might sound like not a big deal. But for many people it was a first raid ever. For many who didn’t even think about raiding a month ago.
And we even tried voice chat! Said maybe 8 words there, so still some room for improvement. :slight_smile:

Updates ends.


Great, just what I was looking for! But oops, most of my chars are Horde. Is there an Horde alternative for this one?

I have absolutely no idea, at the start there definitely was one as Danaien made a few of these communities.
Real life caught up with her unfortunately and she had to stop playing from what I understand. And I have no idea how the other communities caught up since I play only Ali at this time.


Been away for holiday, but will join up with you now! Looking forward to it!

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Still room for more people :smile:

How do you feel about people who used to play a lot, but took a break, and are now raising a new alt that they have no idea how to play in a group setting? x)

…I do legitimately fear the first runs with my new worgen priest. Someone will die, I’m just hoping it’s not the tank.

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Sounds like u should join the team! :smile:

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I joined aswell since it sounded like a nice place. :slight_smile:
Came back a few months ago after a 7 year break and what hit me hard was how people had changed in their attitude in dungeons.
Been a bit afraid to step into any of the BfA dungeons yet and just the thought of mythic and raids scares me even though I would like to try it at some point.


Welcome to the community, dont hesitate to ask if u want someone to come along for dungeons :slight_smile:

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just joined, and looking forward to finally doing a decent amount of dungeons. only done SoB, FH, and WCM so far with 2 m+ runs to my name.

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