Alliance - Silvermoon Rohnin

Rohnin our amazing lovely, Toxic free and active guild! We have just come back off a few months break and we have set up a new raid team with a goal of 11/11HC. In the past we have had 2 teams running. 1 for HC and 1 for Mythic. If we get the numbers in again, we would very much like to do that again so that we have a place for everyone.
We have been aroud for about 11 years now and plan on not going anywhere either! :smiley:
We will also set up a funruns shortly on the calendar for every Fridays from about 20:00 until late ST.
Our raid times for the team will be 20:00-23:00 ST The days are not set up just yet.
We also have a very active Cross-faction community and we will be setting up M+ days where we run keys from 10-25+
So if you are a returning player, social, raider or even PvP, then we have a place for you to come and hopefully call home.
Feel free to msg me In game or here. We look forward to having you in our guild.

Stylerstar (GM) Btag: Stylerstar#2299

Really friendly people, hopefully some more will join soon and we can go from strength to strength =) - Hopefully we can sort out a PvP team also for rated BG’s and also 2’s etc.