Alliance wanted on Noggenfogger

As a self-appointed representative of the Horde on Noggenfogger, i must sadly inform everyone about our lack of Alliance players. We kindly ask for resupply of Alliance cattle, so the Horde will not go hungry anymore, but flourish in wealth. Anyone of you considering playing as Alliance, you are heartily welcomed on our server Noggenfogger, we the Horde will take you in with open arms. Of course, we will leave you all in peace as you run around in the open world.

I had Alliance characters there because of friends, but they all left for Firemaw.

Back to my Horde main on Ashbringer for me, then!

oh really?

As a self-appointed representative for the ally on all servers. STAY AWAY FROM ALLY if you wanna enjoy the game.

Horde will prevent you from leveling, they will jump on you in groups of 5+ ( at max lvl ) and camp you after.

You won’t be able to do any summons to the instances if you don’t have a lock in the group.

You will have a high loss rate in bgs, so farming honor for pvp gear is slow and horrible.

It’s hard to farm gold at max lvl too cause of horde having tabbies and kills you over and over again.

The only place you should start a ally at this point is on PvE servers, and only if you don’t plan to do any pvp.


As a self-appointed representative of the Horde on Bloodfang, we need more Horde players! The server is overcroweded of Alliance

We are working hard on excluding those players from the community, because lack of moral and ethic is not what we want in our troops. We have a code to play by, which is a humane hunting of alliance in fair and rightful battles. Whoever i see, man or woman, or child, that is killing any alliance in a dishonorable way will be excluded and in some cases banished from our towns and cities. I promise you, honorable alliance players are welcomed to our server for good and epic world pvp battles. Any horde players, or alliance for that matter, that are breaking this code, will be outmost looked down upon and live in fame of shame.

Pity what happened on Noggen. I think the ratio was around 39% Alliance 61% horde in Classic. As soon as TBC hit there was an influx of Horde with some Alliance leaving, which left the server at about 25% Alliance 75% Horde. The writing was an the wall then. Most moved to Ashbringer with some going to Firemaw and Gehennas. From your use of the word ‘cattle’ in your first post i wonder if you was one of the ppl that moved over to Noggen at TBC?

Tbh the metaslave hordes deserve to have their 100% horde servers. Let’s see how fun they will have on their 1-faction servers. Let’s just sit back and enjoy the show of more and more servers dying off in regards to factionbalance, it’s probably way past a tipping-point by now to combat it anyway. Especially since Blizzard have ignored it for years and now even made it worse with boosts and horde vs horde bs etc. I say let them have their world of hordecraft with boosts, storemounts, merc-mode and sht. Keep giving them everything they want, every qol-change that are the reason we abandoned retail. There are better places for us to experience vanilla, tbc and wotlk anyway… :innocent:

Horde are gloating now, behaving like 5 year olds in here, just as they did earlier when we warned about this. They didn’t listen back then and they sure as hell don’t listen now. They just want their quick-fix and the easy way out no matter what and everyone else is just “crying”. But let’s wait and see how they like it in the long run when most of these retail “classic” server’s are 80-100% horde. Warcraft without war. Man I’m actually really looking forward to classic being ruined. My soul has become quite dark in regards to this it seems. :sweat_smile:

Oh and the lolz when Blizzard will offer these retail-kids a faction change in wotlk to human for 39.99 $. To “promote a healthy factionbalance” I bet they will promote it as. The hefty cost is just so that players won’t abuse it too much… :money_mouth_face: When that day comes I’m sure these min/maxers will abandon their “lore, friends and estethics” in a hurry. And most of them will still be stuck at 1000 rating… :rofl:

Well, let’s just enjoy the fire! :smiling_imp: Oh, Atlantiss wotlk might be a nice perch to watch this bonfire from btw. Oldschool Blizzard design.


Señor Miggsy, i ask you gently to not compare me with some scrub who flaps around with the word “cattle” as if it was just a random insult or a joke. I used that word because me, and my kin, are growing hungry with no alliance around to Cannibalize on. The flesh of poachers and thieves are just not the same. I want to battle a real warrior, a glorious paladin or a stealthy night elf. This is not a call to slaughter, this is a call to arms. My duty has not always been to serve Thrall at Noggenfogger, but i gave my service to Firemaw. Because of overpopulation, me and my people had to migrate to Noggenfogger in order to survive. Sadly now i am one of few still standing, in this intermediate stage wondering if i should stay or move on in search for more great battles to conquer.

Dude, im not in any way "moaning’ about it. I just laid bare what happened on Noggen. I would have stayed but everyone moved on. My favourite saying… it is what it is :blush:. Fyi if ppl had not have migrated across for an ‘easy’ %. This would not have happened imo. Either way, Blizzard get their cut of £££.

I see your frustration young Paladin, and i share it with you. Even though we stand on each our side at the battlefield, we can agree on this. It makes me sad to see my fellow allies kill your people without any honor at all. I have witnessed gangs of horde soldiers kill one lonely alliance, and it makes me take to my tears. I just can not take part in it anymore, which i never really did. I have put my Horde Tabard aside, and it will stay there until the Horde Flag is worthy of being carried again.

As a self-appointed representative of the Alliance on Firemaw… I can confirm that many alliance from noggenfogger migrated here. Don’t play on that server and let the horde enjoy their pve server. Thanks bye :slight_smile:

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As a self appointed Transatlantic streamfluid landwhale I kindly ask every Horde pvper to faction transfer to Pyrewood Village in Wotlk, I don’t wanna level a fresh character on Gehennas

Dear Esyjob I have been touched and moved by your request and lack of food , no one in this world should not eat and drink at his/her wish therefore I am pleased to announce you than if you level a little more you will now have the great honor, no wait the pleasure and luxuary of not only fighting your own kinds in battlegrounds but eating each others !

In lieu of Alliance please accept from the very deep of our heart that offering ,it is truely the heaven of wow: hordes everywhere beating and gnawing each others endlessly !

I know you’ve got your taste but you also look like you wouldn’t mind hordes meat, you gotta get used to it… that is still meat after all that is the principal and you look like you could use a meal here and there ! Sincerely yours -Rain

As a self-appointed representative of the Alliance and Horde on Stonespine, we need more players! The server has about 200 players online and half of those players are bots.

There isn’t even a private server with such a marginal playerbase.

Did you know that kromos still exists? With naxx for something like 3yeaes already

Today was the first time i heard about these news. How sad it makes me to hear that hordes are turning on eachother, this is mayhem! I sure hope that its just temporarily. There are horde communities that have decided to abandon the code, which assures honorable battles between the horde and the alliance. But i did not know it would go this far. I now ask for a truce between the alliance and the horde, and i ask for your aid in our trouble with these hordes that have broken out of our traditions of battle. Help us deal with these dishonorable hordes. They have slaughtered alliance in no honor, and they have now turned on us that are still standing by the code of war ethics. Until we have, together, dealt with them, we will have peace. Come, all of you. I invite every man, woman and child of the alliance to come and fight for our common cause. Put an end to these mongrel hordes! And after that, we will have the greatest reward, the greatest gift, of again entering great battles in the open world, to win in glory or die in honor.

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