Allow us to hide our weapons

I really wish you’d let us hide our weapons or introduce an invisible weapon mog we can grind/farm. It would, in my case, be awesome as i’d look more like Spiderman than I already do.


Monks can alread do that with invisible fist weapons. So introducing invisible variants for otehr types should also be possible.

The Handwraps from Master Tan are super neat when it comes to making your monk that bare knuckle fighter type :slight_smile:

Not sure how some of the other classes and weapon types might look though.
Rogues with invisible daggers might be the ultimate in stealth for sure, protection warriors with an invisible shield and weapon though might look odd :smiley:
Any of the casters classes would probably be the easiest to get to work as they don’t often hit people with their weapons, unless casting from a wand but that’s a whole other thing.

And then there’s hunters, at least BM and Marks hunters, pointing their fingers at the target, making pewpew or whoosh noises and shooting arrows and bullets at people :rofl:

Transmogrification is one of those features with room still to grow, more options, more choices etc could be possible in future which I personally am all for.
We’ll have to wait and see what the WoW Team come up with next for it.


I understand that there’s sometimes lore reasons for not allowing, say, Warriors to tank with Wands and books or priests with 2h Swords instead of a staff. But there are so many other games out there with much much better Transmog systems and I really hope it improves here sooner rather than later.

Rift has a wonderful system, where you not only mog the slot instead of the item (less goldsinking), but they also allow us to predefine which weapon for a given slot, so that when we switch, it switches automatically. That means there’s 1 slot for 1h and the old Main Hand weapons, 1 for 1h and Offhand items, 1 for shields, 1 for 2h weapons and 1 for ranged, including bows, guns and wands. Something similar would be very very nice to have here.

Sure, it causes some trouble like with Fury warriors needing 2 2h slots and it might look silly with a MM Hunter shooting wands, but still. And using a warrior as an example of how the system works: If you start as Arms, you use your 2h weapon, so the skin in that slot is shown. Then you go old-school Single-Minded Fury and dualwield the weapons in your 2 1h slots. If you get a new 1h weapon, you equip it and still have the same look, without having to visit a Transmog NPC first. If you then switch to Prot, you keep the skin of the 1h/MH slot while replacing the 1h/OH slot with the Shield skin, regardless of using the new or old 1h weapon. Nice, simple and effective. It really should be like that here.

To add more to it, Rift does allow you to cross armor types when mogging. They can all be used by any character, at all levels. It does allow for some weird mogs with warriors dressed in cloth or mages going plate, but overall it just makes people look even better than restricting them to their own type. And makes them stand out more. You don’t think “oh, there’s that priest guy using the same Tier 8 as that other priest guy which looked a lot like the mage in the priest look-a-like set”.

And finally… Every single skin you pick up is auto-learned. No Equip needed. And nobody is complaining that there are hard-to-get skins because their class can’t solo that thing you need to solo to get it. They simply take another class that CAN solo it and then… get it. On all characters.

I’m not saying that all of this needs to be copy/pasted into WoW, but loosening restrictions a LOT more than they have so far, would be very very nice.

Offhand items look very weird on casters - the placing is off when ‘sheathed’ (on humans, at least). They stick out from the hip too far. If we could hide that it’d be something.


It took them till 8.1 to give us more than 6 sheathed offhands, I don’t wanna lose that. If you want to hide it, just use one of the many offhands that still don’t have a sheathed model, there’s tons. Or get yourself a Desertwalker’s Cane - it sheathes on the back.

On topic - I miss the Gas-Powered Stick from WoD, it was invisible when sheathed, you could effectively hide any 2H wep, so long as you could wield a staff, until Blizz ‘‘fixed’’ that in the Legion prepatch. :frowning:

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well at least give this option to worgens, to fight with their claws


But how long will we have to wait? Transmog was introducted in 4.3 and barely anything changed. One-handed and main-handed issues got sorted, thank god.
But transmogrification has become a big part of many collectors, as well as RP’rs, and there is almost no progress in it.

8.2 brings the change of letting you hide more pieces of gear, which is great, but far from enough.
If Blizzard could justify the infamous 6.1 selfie patch, they can definitely justify a Transmogrification patch.

Transmogrification has become a big part of the game, but why is it so heavily restricted? Especially now that Heritage armour has become a thing and completely abolishes any distinction between a cloth-leather-mail-plate wearer?
Especially this original rule:

There may be individual items that are excluded from being transmogrified on the basis that they were originally added to the game as absurdities. (examples: a weapon that looks like a fish, or a chest piece that is invisible)

What’s wrong with wanting to transmog into absurdities? I don’t think anyone would be mad about getting whacked by a fish during PvP and I’m fairly certain there won’t be any NPC’s complaining…

There have been changes, just not the ones we’re asking about. Remember before Legion? When we didn’t have a catalog and had to store everything in bank/void storage. That was a huge change

I never got that. Some of these ‘absurdities’ are available to transmog whilst others aren’t. My priest can have a dead fish in one hand and a stick of dynamite in the other, running around in nothing but his underwear, there’s plenty of absurdities available, just give us the rest.


How come you can reply to some transmog post but not act on the things that matter the most: GAMEPLAY! and the poor state of the current game…

It’s quite simple. They can’t realy disclose any information that hasn’t been already announced/confirmed by the devs. So there isn’t much they say about the issues.


Excuse me? This is the most important issue thank you very much.

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No offence but WW monks have no other way of moging but handwraps, now, do they?

  • they don’t have any hand-related weapons animation, excep fists of fury when using fists(but that’s also RNG)
  • the only ability which uses a weapon was removed, Jab
  • Tiger Palm seathes any weapon, so fist weapons appear and disappear and other weapon types seathe/unseathe
  • two-handers are unusable because Fists of Fury require 1h/fist weapon(god knows why)

The artifact appearances are so unusable that makes me wonder, why make them? I mean they either clip through ground/legs, appear and disappear in combat because of Tiger Palm or the way they are hold in combat makes my hands hurt just by watching.

I think it’s a dumb idea. Where would you hide that weapon? Up your butt?
How would you attack if you want an invisible sword/mace?
No, nonononon
I get invisible armor which makes sense in some way, like RPing a naked crazy maniac … but even that maniac wields a weapon.
Now some classes have weapons as stat sticks but srsly… a mage without a staff? come on

Would be great beacuse I play healer would be a relief.

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