Alterac valley

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Watching how AV is in Classic now.
That’s not how it was.
Me, not like.


It’s already grindvalley, and not true old school alterac.
I’m really sad on this, and it may make me reconsider giving any money to play classic.


I feel you.

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Maybe if we keep saying it sucks and we want the original they’ll change it. It’s worked with other things and they do actually seem to listen.


Unfortunately they tend to listen to things that push for easier ways.


Well, one thing is sure, I won’t be playing Classic this week end, despite having played it daily since I got in the beta. We are forced to play an AV that… well, we are already playing for 13+ years.
Give me my leveling chars back please, at least that’s true vanilla experience.
This AV is just bullcrap, I don’t want to play it.


Can someone tell me, what is so horrible about this AV? Theres like 3 differences, weaker guards and the troll NPC gone and no mines. I played the private server one, worst experience going from 51+ . I also played this version back in vanilla, as a hunter. But the only reason AV last so long was because guards oneshot half ur group if they weren’t with the main grp, snipers killing ally for example as they ran for IB tower. Ppl getting hit for 3k mines they can’t see, forcing you to go on the road, where the oneshot guards are.

Also this version of AV you want CAN ALREADY be rushed anyway, it happens all the time in private servers. Ppls making groups for AV rushes.

I think ppl remember stuff taking so long, now they think long time = more fun, even if that time is spent dying to mines and guards. This AV version is way more interactive, more battles, ppl backdooring etc. Back in original vanilla, only rogues could backdoor, because only they could avoid the guards.


No one cares, well I don’t, what happens in private servers.
We were promised the authentic experience.


And you’re getting it. Whats ur point?


Hm… we’re not getting it. Not the AV we had.


You had 1.12 AV, so yes you are.


You can basically play 1.12 AV right now in retail lol
Are you trolling?
If that’s the case, then don’t launch Classic at all.


Todays AV is not like 1.12 at all. Its waay more nerfed and streamlined.

You clearly talking out of your behind.


I like how blizzard first says they’re going for the authentic vanilla experience even going so far as to remove the mount change implemented in 1.12 that allows people to more easily get different mounts rather than their race assigned one

But then also goes with x-realm battlegrounds which combined with the 1.12 AVs lack of NPCs that prevent people rushing past everything straight to the final objective means that

despite retail WoW having world quests that frequently lead to horde generals complaining about their LONG LONG DAYS IN ALTERAC we will never ever see the authentic long long days in alterac vanilla experience.

Alterac in vanilla was only open during the weekends and because of its scale and NPCs and barriers to moving forward could take a full weekend, it was bad for honor per hour but you know what? the rep rewards at exalted made people farm AV anyway despite it being bad for honor gain.

Now? with 1.12 AV and x-realms filling AVs up easily? and remember: you’re also filling up the BG with complete randoms that won’t ever see you again because that’s what x-realm does ergo the problems with people AFKing and just idling for marks and honor is going to increase exponentially, as well as people flat out not listening to co-ordination and not willing to defend or win, people want the quick honor and marks from doing a fast speedy PvE race which is only going to get worse as people get more and more PvE gear from the raids at AQ40 or BWL level you can expect 15 to 20 minute AVs tops with the exception being a 1 to 2 hour AV where people actually bother to turtle and defend but with organizing the randos that want free honor being close to impossible on x-realm we’re going to sadly see blizzard walk down the exact same path that made AV anti-fun to begin with.

There’s some advantages for the PvE crowd tho as a warrior I can get a free don julio’s band with a weekend of rep grinding which used to take months cause of how little AV would be available (only on weekends if you’re lucky) will now take hours, the items gained at exalted like don julio’s unstoppable force and immovable object are going to basically be mandatory for off-tanks and physical DPS won’t be able to find a better ring than don julios for ages so that will also be expected since its now so easy to attain.

1.12 AV causes a host of issues to spring up and it wouldn’t surprise me if even rankers would zerg AVs for easy honor since if it only lasts 15 to 20 minutes for the PvE race its technically the best BG for honor per hour, which because its all relative standings forces all other rankers to also do the same, on both factions so you might even see people flat out not queueing for WSG or AB if its not their specific BG weekends.

Since they’re doing content phases anyway regarding the state of AV and even x-realm battlegrounds I honestly think these 2 things are appropriate for the end of classic’s content phase cycle but to put them in from the start is going to have gigantic implications as to the real vanilla experience cause PvP being the large grind that it was did take up a lot of time for a lot of people and for them the majority of vanilla was not 1.12 with x-realm BGs and taking into the account the wide ranging implications to the rest of the gameplay its honestly a bad idea IMO for them to implement it at the start and not nearing the end of the lifecycle.


and people are able to rush in the private server version of AV cause their guard AI and dmg values are completely off, guard AI pathing is completely broken and super easy to exploit unlike in classic where pserver players are already facing massive issues they didn’t have to face on private servers because the private servers had things working incorrectly which allowed rampant exploiting of said incorrectly functioning mechanics.

edit: and it just dawned on me that the walljump people do to skip the bridge near the alliance base on private servers will also be significantly harder as on private servers its a full on walljump which on retail classic has been fixed, the only ‘walljump’ available is wedging which isn’t gonna get you up that hill in alterac near the alliance base unlike on pservers

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Uh yeah, DUH! That’s because Pservers uses the same, albeit a more broken AV version Classic will be using, aka 1.12… Not to mention most stuff emulated on Pservers are wrong to begin with. Mob and Boss damage and abilities, and pathing and other stuff as well as Pservers having the wrong AP and SP scaling compared to the original game.

We were promised an authentic version of the original game. Why the bloody hell promise one thing and deliver something entirely different (1.12 AV does not represent the true spirit of Vanilla whatsoever and the AV nerfs were originally brought about because people started demanding the devs hold their hands more!) aka a frankenpatch similar to what’s being used on the Pservers? It’s no longer a preservation project, it’s a joke at this point. I’m still going to play and enjoy it but i’m not all too happy about the way Blizzard have handled this project.

They base too much of their changes to Classic on the Pserver players’ feedback and ignore those of us who actually played the original game from day one. Of course Pserver players want the same ‘ez-mode’ AV they’re used to, because it means they can rush and complete a BG originally designed to last for more than an hour, in just 10-15 minutes. That’s not healthy for the future of Classic at all, and certainly not for the community who spent the past 13+ years wanting to play the original game again.

I mean, sure they can’t satisfy everyone, but they do need to try harder to satisfy the majority, and the majority will be the ones who decides whether or not this project ends up being a success or a total failure, and when they make a promise to deliver an authentic product, they do have a certain degree of responsibility to the community to actually follow through with that promise, not bend their knee to every naysayer in the crowd, who demands that they make the game more in line with how Pservers do it.


Have you watched any of the streams where they tried to rush? they got obliterated by the bosses, litterly everyone getting one shotted. Granted that might not happen if the raid is full with AQ40/Naxx gear, but untill that happens the amount of “rushing” will be limited.


The problem with old AV is that any min/maxer will just ditch a started AV. It’s not fun joining it when all honor objectives are done so the honor gained is minimal. When it comes to recieving wellfare epics and stuff new AV is lightyears faster.

Seeing how few people advocated for old talent trees, I think people wanting old AV is a case of nostlagia. Did you really play a lot of AV during this period? I did and I ended up leaving AVs with objectives completed when I was grinding honor.

(Geronîmoo) #19

I did, on a daily basis, and i enjoyed every minute i spent there.

This was the case for plenty of people but plenty of people also stuck around to get the actual win. That was also the beauty of the old AV. You had multiple objectives to complete, not just one which is the case with the 1.12 AV. We didn’t have the same rush tactic with the old AV, and on top of that, you would run into enemy players from your own realm whilst doing a side mission/objective and fight it out, which made it more enjoyable. Running past random players from other realms that you’ll most likely encounter once every 100 game at the midfield aka frozen lake and skip to the boss fight isn’t enjoyable. AV was originally designed as a mass PVP battleground, designed for long battles between the horde and the alliance, not just a fast way to obtain rep and welfare epics.

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It was known for long time already, that blizz gonna use nerfed AV. No surprise.