Amazon Prime TCG Mount Rewards

Well, we all saw this coming. Sad that you have to shill to companies like Amazon, and actually pay them for Prime membership, to obtain these rewards.


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Also its not the first time they’ve done this.


If you don’t have, want or agree with amazon then don’t go for the offer. It’s not exactly the worlds greatest mounts, it’s a basic ground mount bear with no unique animations and 2004 pixels.

The darkmoon dancing bear is a better bear mount.

However, if you already have amazon prime get the freebie being thrown at you :woman_shrugging:

Three helms and a mount for nothing so far from having Prime for my tv shows, seems like an ok deal to me.

Cheaper than a TV license in the UK :grin:


The way I see it is that they are just re-using Retail promotional material. (that’s not retail the game, that’s retail the department).

They’re not using items that were available from just simply playing the game.

TCG is a discontinued Retail product. Those mounts and toy and pets were just items to promote the sale of the Cards. Therefore it makes sense for them to use them for other promotions.

But the mount isn’t worth £8.99 imo, and apparently I can’t use the Free Trial, maybe cos I used it to get one of the silly helms last year.

probably true, but I’d prefer my money goes to a UK economy than Bezo’s anyday.

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I shall ride this all around Azeroth, licking tears as I pass by


Just got mine but only because I’ve been on prime for years. The darkmoon bear is 10 times more interesting than this one.

EDIT: RIP to the AH seller who listed it for cap gold.

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at least it is not spectral tiger

Not yet. :slight_smile:

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Sheesh. It costs only 3 euros over here.

Will follow at a later time, surely.
And I’m completely fine with that (would also be fine if they didn’t - I don’t really care either way).

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This is the least I deserve after years of ordering random goods and paying for next day delivery that I would have probably got anyway.

I deserve a rare mount for my hardship

already had a sub to amazon anyway.

well… you can choose to either pay 3euro or pay 370euro, you choose.

I’d much rather pay £7.99 that £2000

Just to follow up on the Battle Bear mount:

blackpaw is s-tier i use it on druid even tho druid dont need mount

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Lucky for me i have 0 interest in that mount.
I can just push this bounty to the back of my head & forget about it no problem.

Life is good when the bait is terrible.

But eventually a Brutusaur (or its recolor) will be offered
Mark my word!
Now THAT will be a bait!


I rly doubt they’re just gonna give away something like that easily.
I bet they’re gonna bundle it with some sort of 6 - 12 month sub to a third party program.

I don’t sub to PRIME but there was a weeks trail for 99p so I guess it’s a cheap mount :slight_smile:

Thanks Blizzard and Amazon love the mount

Lets face it no matter how rare and exclusive these old mounts are nobody ever rides them coz they just dont look good now.
I mean a freebie is always nice if you already have Prime (like me) but its not the end of the world.