An azerite MINOR TRAIT should not be worth 15 ilvls by itself


Feel like azerite traits could still use a little work.
Just got a 430 helm from raid (as Fury Warrior), and it sims lower than my previous 415 helm, despite having solid primary traits.

However, overwhelming power is for some reason 2x as powerful as the next best minor trait, and is worth 15 ilvls ON IT’S OWN.

This is some srsly messed up balance imo.

Kinda sucks when new gear from new raid is not even worth equipping :-\

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this is my main btw


seems balanced :rofl:
I should keep my 420 headpiece then

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so item X is better than item Y what is your issue?
Guess someone is looking for I LVL NUMBER higher better right or ?

it has strength and stamina not like there is/was/could be anything else for fury warrior.

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traits as in unbridled ferocity x reckless flurry, BiS for single target.

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yes you are right item lvl makes 0 sense shows nothing and how is you char geared/what gear has /built depends not just item lvl .
This is not sarcastic item lvl chasers you see then guys with 430 i lvl doing 10k dps in m+ somehow…

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living up to ur guild name i see


Did your old 420 have CSHB? You’re pretty stacked on crit so that might be a contributing factor. Bc in that case you want the 430 azerite helm from Orgozoa then it will definitely sim higher.

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Blizzard pretty much said they want you to replace your items based on itemlevel though, so it wouldn’t be weird. At least to an extent.

Sorry I am really bad at saving my sources, but I never know what info I’ll need as sources later!


Item level should be the determining factor on whether a piece is better or not in my opinion…

Otherwise item level in itself is useless and might as well be removed.

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If it makes you feel better deadshot on my outlaw rogue, is the same. 400 chest piece with deadshot is slightly over a 430 with any other 2 traits lol.

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Well yes, but also secondary stats. You could have two items of the same itemlevel, but having their stats determine which one you equip.

Awfully annoying for those of us with multispecs, but yeah… I can live with that. I’d rather get rid of Azerite and Essences to make my 4 gear sets less messy and bag clogging.

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I feel you. I do have 430 shoulders but somehow they sim worse because of traits than my 405 shoulders from world quest. :upside_down_face:


Is this minor somehow stronger than the increased power of your major traits ? Kinda weird.

If you sim’ed overwhelming power you gotta keep in mind it sims higher than it is really usefull in most situations. As long as you take 0 damages it’s alright but once you do the trait is only half as efficient since you loose stacks on damage taken.


Azerite traits should be consistent (or at least ‘selectable’) across azerite gear so that Azerite traits on lower ilevel gear does not make a piece of gear that is 15 ilevels greater a worse piece of gear purely on the basis of ilevel traits.

Frost Mages were (and still are to an extent, build depending) the prime example of this when it came to finding gear that has the flash freeze trait.

I would say, I don’t think the developers actually play the game, because ilevel and traits are so far out of sync unless you just happen to get lucky.

However, I believe this is actually an intentional design consideration, why? Well, in order to keep you playing the raid content for ‘replay’ value to obtain the elusive azerite trait item at the ilevel you wish.

Smart design on their part, maintains cash flow, frustrating as hell for the player…


Azerite traits were a good idea handled wrong. Which is why they moved on to try and remedy the situation with neck essences.

You should have been able to mix ‘n’ match traits from the start just like essences, but that ship has sailed, so now we will work with what we have until they are a part of the past.


Ion himself said it in a Q&A.

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It’s always been like that though. I distinctly remember the best Outlaw Rogue trinket in Legion was from Nighthold. Even up to Antorus, a whole two raid tiers behind.

Technically a Titanforged, socketed version from the Argunite vendor was better… But that was never going to happen.


Things like that is just plain silly…

It sucks when you get a new drop, and then go “aw shucks, this thing has the wrong secondaries / isn’t socketed / other variables”…

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