An open Letter to Blizz



Interesting. I’ll go for the Apple pie myself.

Thank you,

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Bone Apple Tea!

Just give me the :green_apple: :pie: !!!

American game, American pronunciation.
Same goes for the spelling.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, asspie


Had a cracking Chocolate Fudge Cake for lunch, and no this isn’t an euphenism!

C is an open letter! K is too! As is U. E is the king of open letters. V is a runner up. They can all hold twice their weight in water!

Cheesecake? :grinning:

I’ll take the apple pie from AMerican Pie thank you.

Just be glad they don’t write everything in the proposed American Language after the Revolution, which was thankfully kicked straight out of the place by the Colonists who went “We want the world to see us as a bastion of democracy and freedom, not as idiots”

Or as the original ‘American’ language was proposed “We Wont ve wurld to see us as a bastyun of democrissy and freedum, not as ideeyots”

At least they managed to keep some semblance of law and order in their corruption of English, even though they can’t spell ‘honour’ and don’t seem to understand what the word ‘Dismantle’ means…

Honestly not making that up, there was a strong movement that persevered till the early 1800’s that America should not use English, but Phonetic English instead…

That would have been fairly tragic. Thankfully the idea was ‘Dismantled’ before it gained any traction.

I’ve not seen this, can I have an example please. Anything to point and laugh at our American cousins.

It is mostly used in Wow, incorrectly to be honest, so in fairness, it may be a Blizzard thing, not an American thing. If you notice, just about every time some Alliance hero storms in somewhere there always say they are going to Dismantle something.

It’s like "no, calm down sweetie, have a seat. You don’t mean Dismantle. You mean Demolish, or Crush, or Destroy. You didn’t go to Icecrown to Dismantle the Scourge, or if you did, you did a very bad job of it. You didn’t win the Siege of Orgrimmar for Jaina to go “Now is the time, Dismantle the Horde!” Because how would that even work my little dove, you do what, you dismantle it? “Right, You, Baine, You’re not allowed to talk to Thrall anymore, or Vol’jin, Lor’themar, no talking to Gallywix, Sylvanas, no talking to anyone, You are all now seperate entities and therefore…roll of thunder Dismantled”)

“But surely it means to take apart?”

“Yes, but leave the integral pieces in place that can simply be reassembled!”

So in the Jaina example Vol’jin just goes “Alright mon…” and does a comedy turn around and ignores the other Horde leadership, who all do the same. The Alliance go “Hah, well that’s that then!” and leave.

The Horde leadership then turn back to each other and go “Well that was pointless, should we explain to them what that word means some time?”
“Nah, lets not…far funnier this way”.


Both honor and honour are broken versions of Latin honorem :man_shrugging:

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Yeah, but difference is, we inherited bits and bobs from everywhere, and mongrelised it, just as the UK itself is a delightfully mongrel nation, which is a good thing, The USA is, in its own way, but is still finding it’s feet as a nation, it never had that post-Roman experience, it had a post-Britain experience, which was a very different way of colonisation(not better, or worse, just different) . After the Romans left, Britain endured waves of invasions, the Saxons, Jutes and Angles, then the Vikings, then the Normans ( Who were according to some historians, the descendants of the Britons who had followed up on their dubious claim to the kingdom of Norway and left centuries ago, so like an elongated booze cruise I suppose) so the language had -waves- of changes to the language. I mean heck, I’m not typing in original English now, very few people still speak it, and it is a dead language functionally, and even -that- was a latter language to the original language spoken in England, which would have been a proto-Welsh form of Brythonic Gaelic.

The USA had a language in place, in which it’s Constitution, it’s Declaration of Independence, and everything was written. There were no successive waves of invasions Post-British occupation. Sure, it has had immigrants and different cultures amalgamating, but as a body politic, it occurred in an entirely different way, and as such, the Linguistic peculiarities are just that, peculiarities, as there is no cultural impetus for them to have come about.

Dear Gods it is a Sunday and I am rambling about etymology, but yeah, you see what I mean.


I pronounce “squirrel” “skwerl”.

Fight me.

Let’s face it English is a pretty weird language (probably has to do with French influence). You pronounce vowels pretty much however you like and there are so many irregular verbs that why do you even bother with grammar?

Don’t get me started on Uranus, which is only a problem since English is like the only language to pronounce U the way they do.


Yaw’ll need to just chill out wit’ de american hatin’ yo… Don’ be doin’ yaw’ll no favors.

Now just hush up before we take more o’ yaw’ll tea and hurl it into the harbor.

Hey lets be fair, it was a Nationalised Englishman who discovered it (Herschel was born in Hanover, but emigrated at 19 years old).

So a) We get to name it.
and b) We can’t change it now, where would all the hilarity at school come from then when the teachers goes “Right, this term we’re doing astronomy” :smiley:

Dinnae start with they nonsense, yiz ferget ah know where yiz frae :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, ‘tis true, English can apparently be a nightmare for some to learn, like the fact that ‘Mete’ ‘Meat’ ‘Meet’ are all pronounced the same, yet ‘Mite’ and Might’ also are.

Oh it definitely is the Norman, yeah, totally. There is a picture perfect example of this in the following; After 1066 the Nobility were the Normans who spoke something similar (yet not actually the same) to French. They were the ones who ate all that juicy meat and Banquest, whereas the Commoners who actually worked the Farms where the animals were bred for Noble consumption were all Saxons.

As a result the word for the animal is generally Saxon, but the word for the same Animal’s meat is generally French.
Examples being ‘Cow’, from the Germanic ‘Kuh’, but the meat is ‘Beef’, from the French ‘Boeuf’
‘Pigge’ or ‘Schwein’ were Germanic, but ‘Pork’ comes from the French ‘porque’
‘Shippe’ was the Saxon word for ‘Sheep’, the meat of which was originally referred to as ‘mutton’ from the French ‘Mouton’
The Saxon word ‘Heorot’ is more commonly understood in today’s language as ‘Hart’ so, a Deer, and the meat is ‘venison’ a word that entered England with the Norman Invaders.
(On a WoW note, The French word ‘Venison’ itself came from the Latin word ‘Venari’ which meant to ‘Hunt or Pursue’ Anybody still think that Broker in the Maw isn’t up to no good? :stuck_out_tongue: )

Only seems to be quadrupeds, birds keep their same name as the bird and it’s meat.

There’s todays useless trivia for you…

… Oops …