Anduin's plan

I think Anduin will willingly let himself get stabbed because he has already formulated a plan to bring down the Jailer from within his ranks.

People forget that Anduin is extremely cunning and intelligent, he might look naive at first but he can actually be very conniving. Like when he mind-controlled that dwarf brute in Pandaria to continue in his travels. I dare say that Anduin can be manipulative too, for example when he let Saurfang free and manipulated him into shattering the Horde from within for him.

My prediction is that Anduin knows his words are meaningless to a psychopath like Sylvanas, and is banking on Sylvanas stabbing him. I think he has understood something that’s not revealed yet, he might hold the key to defeating the Jailer if he is turned into an instrument of his power. Maybe only the power of Death can take out the Jailer of Death.

Either way, I predict this is all part of Anduin’s plan. Just as it was part of Anduin’s plan to let Saurfang free, an action that was criticized at the time, but in hindsight made so much sense (since Saurfang caused unrest within the Horde as I was explaining).

I mean, sure, it could be that, it could also be the fact that he is literally trapped inside Torghast and can’t really do anything about it.

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The level of mental gymnastics some fans utilize to argue in favor for their favorite character is quite impressive.


He let himself get captured. Don’t you think it’s suspicious that, OUT OF ALL THE LEADERS WHO WERE CAPTURED BY THE JAILER, Anduin seems to be the only one who just can’t break free? He’s planning everything. He’s staying behind in Torghast to find the key to the Jailer’s downfall.

The level of mental gymnastics some fans utilize to argue for their favorite character is quite impressive.

My favourite character is Jaina.

Yeah, seeing as he’s Jailor’s favorite toy I’m sure he won’t let Anduin go just like that.

Forget all he said he is gone and good riddance !

I pray he never makes it out of shadowland so we can get back to less annoying characters than goodie two shoe, he was such a despisable king, mistakes after mistakes and a terrible joke in contrast to Varian.


Well, to be fair, he is held in a far more tightly secured cell, in a magical bubble that seems to restrict his powers, and is being closely guarded. It’s clear that he is far more valuable to the Jailer than the other 3.

I’m honestly not even sure why the other 3 were kidnapped in the first place, if the Jailer only wanted Anduin to become his champion. Maybe he wanted to create his own 4 horsemen?

It can be both.

Anduin isn’t above taking matters in his own hands. Remember when he confronted Garrosh directly and broke the Divine Bell, thus thwarting Garrosh’s plans at great personal risk?

The same thing is happening here. Anduin will risk his life and humanity to find the key to thwart the Jailer’s plans.

Nah, Blizzard’s current inept writer would never do this. Not one-dimentional enough.

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I never stated Anduin is stupid. I actually have a great deal of respect for him and he’s the only Alliance leader I honestly sympathize.

I want all the best for him and I sure hope there’s more spicy details to the story.

As it looks like atm though, it doesn’t seem that complicated but who knows.

Oh look it’s lil mr edgy, never likes a character that doesn’t think with his fists…

:stuck_out_tongue: Is this all You’ve got ? Oh look I made someone cry me a river !

Is it ok or should i call an ambulance ? Are you gonna make it ? xD

That would have hurt if it was from some internet tough guy on the wow forums no less…

ok /shrug nice comeback after an hour or so /applaud

He is not naive anymore to be honest. He went through a learning process after his father died and in my opinion at least now combines the best of them both - his aspiration for peace and the will to fight to achieve it.

I dont think he has ill will against the Horde or that he manipulated Saurfang. I think he genuinely cares of the well being of ALL of Azeroth and just wants peace and therefore Sylvannas gone. It is shown in the end of the War Campaign cinematic pretty clear that he did care about Saurfang. Like he does not really have hate or bias in him…well might change now…sadly.

For me Anduin was always one of my favourites, even in his naive phase…both him and Varian are probably two of the 4 Alliance characters
i actually value. Was devastated earlier today when I read about the leak.

I doubt he willingly lets himself be turned, otherwise he wouldnt have neglected Sylvannas that much. I think most likely he will work with her against the Jailor by showing her that she indeed is just a tool just like him. Or maybe by the revelation that the Jailor was responsible for Frostmourne/LK and by extent the Fall of Silvermoon and her becoming a banshee and her torment. To be honest I wonder how she didnt notice the similarities of the weapons because it seems unlikely to me that she would just accept it, no matter what she has become.

Wasnt Jaina the only one that actually managed to break free? Did i miss something?

Not really, since he’s the main target of the jailer’s plans. If you’re under watch 24/7 by the big bad it’s harder to escape than when you’re chained in some side room and freed by someone else.

Looks like my theory was wrong, Anduin is genuinely mind-controlled by the Jailer.

I actually had a glimmer of hope initially because Anduin (whom I thought was really Anduin) was looking for a KEY, as I predicted, but then it turned out it was the Jailer controlling Anduin.

Regardless I’ll reserve my judgement for when the raid comes out.

Anduin will wait for Sylvanas to turn good

AKA Anduin ( Rey ) kills then revives Sylvanas ( Kylo Ren ) => Star Wars plot

Also Arthas & Varian will come to plan something to trap the jailer , like with Illidan & Sargeras

After seeing the latests cinematic, Anduin will be the puppy Zovaal keeps on kicking to the point of pushing a Sylvanas redemption story.

That will probably be about his greatest contribution to the plot.

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I’m guessing Anduin will meet either Arthas or Varian, Yes, especially since Blizzard hinted at these souls kept in the Maw that will be relevant in the raid.

And I know Fel canonically erases the soul, but Blizzard doesn’t care about continuity anyway. So Varian’s return is not impossible.