Anima capped. Send anima to alts?

I’m capped on anima without anything to spend it on. When can we send anima to alts?


This keeps coming up and I’m gonna keep cheering this suggestions on!!!

I would love and I mean LOVE to be able to send excess anima to alts that badly need it.


I don’t get to use this picture alot.


It does seem to be one of those things where it would be hard to imagine someone being against it.


Isnt there an item that costs like 450 and gives like 375 or something, ofc acc wide, exactly for this purpose?

Works also when u swap covenants

There is an item for soul ash. Not seen anything that you can send to alts. Do explain if you know of a way because we’re all struggling with this atm.

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Okej had to phone call friend who was mentioning it , turns out he meant stygia whole time but was talking about anima, confused me a lot.

So consider my last reply as irelevant, there isnt such item. Sorry.


For some reason that font reminds me of:

Thank you for checking


Or just remove the cap on Anima, as Blizzard have shown that they can do this for the Catalogued Research so why not do this for Anima as well.

If there is nothing new to buy in 9.1 with Anima then why give us increases in the amount we can pick up on a daily basis.

agree i mean legion order resources has no cap too and you can buy a box of these for blood of sargeras to send to alts? and same with the bfa ones

same in bfa, you could buy a box to send resources to alts

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I am loving the extra anima, it finally means I can unlock all the things I couldnt before… due to laziness. Now even laziness gets me anima!

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Still waiting. Remove the anima cap and let us tranfer it to our alts.


Aaah, I’ve missed that meme.

In regards to anima capping: pull the ripcord! :crazy_face:

I wish I’d never learned it. I thought it was account wide so my alts would have an easier time getting anima.Treatise: The Study of Anima and Harnessing Every Drop"


Nice collection. The only suggestion I can make is to switch your covenant, dump them into the new one and buy whatever cosmetics you can from it.

You cannot buy cosmetics because you need special value that is not farmable.

If you mean the offerings, they are shared between covenants.