Anima capped. Send anima to alts?

That’s an absolutely great addition thank you SO much!! Can we also have Black and White hair for Void elves please? :pleading_face:

It’s not about being or not negative. It’s about the game having the issues it has because they were created by Blizzard themselves. Someone fixing their own mess hardly warrants gratitude or praise. They wouldn’t have come up with these solutions so early if their game and company wasn’t in the worst state so far.

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Yeah about that , its to early in the morning or late at night to argue with somebody like you . I am happy about the changes you can sue me if you like or call somebody who care’s but the negativity around here is like being in a room full of goths .

I never said anything about someone not be allowed to be happy about the changes, it just doesn’t change the fact that it is purely damage control that otherwise would not have happened if it wasn’t for the current situation.
The negativity surrounding the game is just a consequence of Blizzard dropping the ball so many times for so long.

But hey, the good news is that because, as you say, the problem is “some people” and “somebody like me” isn’t worth your time just because I have my own opinions you are in prime condition to work at Blizzard.

Take care.


This is a welcome change, it’s nice to see community feedback being heard.

However we desperatly need access to more Redeemed Souls: I’ve changed covenants a month ago, didn’t miss any week of souls since then and I’m still 8 weeks untill I am able to fully upgrade my covenant sanctum.

Kinda to late i already wasted all my anima to buy hides, fix stuff faster next time.


I guess u can juice in ur stuff for free but people like me it’s kinda all work wasted on my alts :smiley:

i complained about this once on forum and blizzard adds it to game :rofl:
and peoples says they dont to lisen to players :rofl:

I get the distinct impression the “blues” have had a layer of micromanagement removed. Good to see a change. I’m currently balancing my anima between healing table followers and keeping a high pool to buy things that only unlock once the arbitrary renown barriers become surpassed.

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They’ve listened to a huge amount of feedback and I’m so pleased to see all these changes that are coming :slight_smile:

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yeah it is good that they lisens hope it stays so not only a temp thing

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Kaivax, I need to know; how does it feel to be telling players something that they actually wanted to hear? I feel like dev choices have left you stuck with giving us only bad news for ages :smile_cat:

Please also introduce a way to transfer accumulated Stygia from our Mains to our Alts, it’s a very unpleasant experience having to farm Stygia with the Alts.

One of my main gripes with the covenant system, which I had not considered initially, is that I would want to have ALL covenants fully capped and developed, with all covenant reps farmed on the same character. I am quite happy something I didn’t even know I wanted until 9.1 is coming in 9.1.5.

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