Anima Conductor bugged

On a regular basis, the anima conductor does not forget my non-reinforced stream choice from the day before. This was fine when I had 2 or more to pick from, but now I only have one left it’s slowing down my ability to reinforce 4 streams for the memories token as I’m getting one dot every other day.

I’ve reported this through the official bug submission twice now but it’s not been fixed. Any ideas what’s causing it?

Edit: Dear mod, please leave this in tech support as it’s a bug, not gameplay issue.

For whatever reason the reinforcement lasts 24 hours from the time you reinforce it and not until the daily reset as the message seems to imply. No idea which one is a bug/oversight.

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I think the bug is in the not resetting. When I had 2 non-reinforced streams available, the one from yesterday would still be there (even though it had been completed) but I could activate the other one.

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