Anima powers disappearing mid run

Is this a thing? Has anyone had this happen?
I just had my stacks of Unceasing Chain Link stacks disappear once i got to floor 17 on the Twisting Corridors.


Did you acces any portals in a room full of portals ?

I didn’t run in to any portals afaik, what even are those that u are talking about?

Yes, both unceasing chainlink and shadowlaced armaments are disappearing mid runs. The only ones i’ve had experience yet with. Other powers seem to work just fine/or I havn’t noticed it yet.

Bit of a shame, since especially unceasing chainlink is a beast power to have.
Edit: This happens on EVERY run that i’ve done so far with the above powers

Some powers seem to ‘blink’ in and out of existence, when I look at the overview of powers.

Been doing some research on this, apparently it has been a thing since the launch. How hasn’t something so simple been fixed yet

I experience the same problem. Judging by what people wrote on forums, it seems that this problem has existed since the release.

Some Anima Powers only last a limited number of floors. Pick carefully!

It is not the case. In the power’s description nothing is said about its temporal nature.

Or has a limited number of charges

It was fun hitting the Terragru in its face and completely obliterate half of its HP in one hit, only to continue to hit it for like 12 dmg.

It’s a rogue bug. It’s kind of sad they don’t fix it already.

  • Resolved an issue that could cause Unceasing Chain Link to cease functioning after ascending a floor.

Thank you Blizzard

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