Animals should be able to play games too. With electrodes or something

Free to play ofcourse or with testing maybe. Well, they have paws and wings too I guess. Make a bird game.

Bears would need a specially adapted keyboard with a ‘Paws’ button.

Now I really want to see my snake playing wow.

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My roaches, flies and ants would also like to play. I would return to raiding then. Blizzard, please.

:thinking: this caused some weird images in my head, I may have used the wrong kind of snake tho.

Don’t want to imagine what you

I thought they already did

But which animal would best suit which class / spec? For example, I’m thinking that Ret Paladin = Rhino.

Ret Pala more like Lion, Rhino Prot Pala for me.

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Already plenty of cockroaches that play :wink::speak_no_evil:

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There’s actually touch screen games for tablet pcs for cats. Aquariums that react when the cat smashes at the fishies on screen and such.

I fully expect a PETA member now logging with a post “How to play as an animal ethically” like they did with Animal Crossing New Horizons.

I wish I had made that up.


How would a PETA member feel about me playing a Vulpera who does skinning? I’ll happily skin humans and gnomes if it would be more ethical.


They seem to care far less about animal on animal violence, skin away! :laughing:

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“But isn’t redskins and indians just as offensive?”
“No, those are fine, PETA doesn’t care about people.”

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Animals are already playing WoW
 wolves, goats, pandas, cows, mountain cows and ratfoxes.

I mean DH are already in the game?

Put a keyboard and a pc on a car near a nest of birds, feed them fibrerich food and create a dh, by one week the dh would reach 2.4k ratings while painting the car white.