Announcing RP-PVP in WoW Classic

(Kaivax) #1

We’ve heard your requests and want to let you know that we will be adding an RP-PVP realm in Europe (English) for WoW Classic. The comments, feedback, and passion from so many of you about this ruleset has been truly inspiring, and we’re happy to make RP-PVP available for you!

Realm information (names, rulesets, and languages) will be posted before the weekend so you can make plans with your friends and get ready to reserve your name on your preferred realm(s) on 2019-08-12T22:00:00Z.

How many Servers? And names?
One last desperate try, RP-PvP
Server chosen for WoW classic - RP PVP
Blizzard hears our requests. (Layering special)
:stop_sign: We need more PVP servers... Why only two? Common Blizzard
RP-PvP Community. We did it. Thank you!
(Hiyetha) #2

I can’t thank you enough for this. So glad to see this and I’ll definitely be rolling there. :heart_eyes_cat:


Thank you.

You won’t be disappointed.


Thank you from the RP PVP community

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Thank you for listening to community. Not going to roll character there, but it’s really positive to see this post since so many people wanted atleast 1 server.


You just made my server choice easy.


Gz RP-PvP community, very happy for you!

(Brewny) #9

Wait, so there wasn’t even going to be one? Or are you just reassuring people that you always intended to have one?



thank you blizz


Only 1 rp pvp server? Soo how many servers will eu have total??


Thanks for listening, Blizz!

(Brewny) #13

Yeah that’s my concern. China will have 8 realms total. We used to have 5 RP-PvP servers just for English before TBC released. Germany had 6, France had 3, although I’m not sure when they were opened.

We’re going to have every single language on one server.


Thankyou Blizz!


Yes and that is super wierd lol, only 1 and its english hf with all the germanys etc etc


That is cool and all, sure, congrats. BUT!!! Only one? What are you thinking with having only one RP PVP server? How about other servers, will there be only one of each aswell? To me it feels like you guys really underestimate the amount of people that will play this game. It also seems like you don’t have trust in your own project. Apparently china is gonna have 8 servers in total, if the same happens for EU we will be in for a really bad time.

It also seems like you don’t have trust in your own game because you don’t advertise it at all, and we are about 3 weeks away from launch. I have a bad feeling, and I really hope that I am wrong.


OMG whoop whoop!!!


Thank you!




Excellent! Thank you so much!