Announcing RP-PVP in WoW Classic


Thank you!


I really feel like you guys are being mysterious just for the sake of it sometimes, it’s kinda hilarious…
Can’t wait to see the server info!


Things like this restore my hope in Blizzard. Well done and thank you for listening to the community <3

(Clare) #25

Thank you! It is a relief. Now the RP-PvP community doesn’t have to be torn between PvP and RP-PvE servers.

(Trelw) #26

@Kaivax: Thank you for the update! Please pass on a collective “THANK YOU!” to those, who changed their minds and enabled this.

@Brewny: The original plan did not include a RP-PvP realm at start. So we can count this as another win for the “Team player base”. :slight_smile:

@All: According to the opening post, we will get more info on realm names, rulesets and language before weekend. cheers


Thank You Blizzard. Thank You so much! :smiley:


This is amazing! I am so happy right now! All these months of trying to convince Blizzard finally paid off.

Thank you all for making this a reality.


Thank you so much!


I can only do one thing:


It’s more of a plan to distribute people evenly. On several ocations they said there will be a lot of resources on standby (incuding new hardware across the world).


O happy day, o glorious morning! I’m overwhelmed with relief and contentment. Thank you, Blizzard, for making the right choice. You won’t be disappointed. I bet it will fill up in no time and we will see second or third one in a few weeks time to relieve the crowding.
I now feel fully justified to buy a 6 month subscription this Sunday, for the first time since the 4.1 patch Cataclysm (except that one month with the pandas we aren’t talking about).
See you all at the naming day and then abusing the poor kobolds in Northshire on 27th.


Very nice Blizzard, I’m not an Rper but it’s great to see you guys giving your fans what they want. Thanks again for making this project happen! It’s good to feel passionate about gaming again after 12+ years.

(Legron) #34

Congrats to RP-ers! Blizzard the Kind

(Fufina) #35

Thank you for changing your mind. The RP-PvP server is going to be epic


Thank you. I know what server I’m gonna roll on.


Thank you so much, Blizzard! Thank you for listening to us and understanding our feelings! Thank you for giving us home we were so desperate to have! Thank you!


Thank you.


Thanks you!!!

(Aeblin) #40

I’m glad you listened to all the requests!
Thank you Blizzard!


It just become very easy to me to pick a realm and faction. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: