Annoying things about vanilla


I still prefer vanilla over Bfa for sure. Bfa gameplay right now is terrible and vanilla would be an upgrade. But there will be things that might ultimately make me quit classic servers :

1- No aoe loot : simple but important. So much time will be wasted while you aoe grinding and you have to click on everysingle creature you killed (shift click btw) and loot them. In long run it might waste a day of game time because of this. Smh.

2- So many simple addons : i know there is a big crowd about #Nochange but most of those people if not all will have the addons for quest tracker , hp tracker , gear compare , even simple mailing and etc addons to add functions that are in retail to classic. Lets make these stuff a toggle instead of outside source addon.

3- many specs are jokes : if blizzard doesn’t balance weak specs in vanilla most classes would have 1 playable spec which results in lack of variety in playstyle in the long run. Only warrior would have 3 playable specs good for them i guess.

4- models : it would be fun to play with old models for couple of weeks but after that it will start to hurt the eye. While we adding new graphics models should follow suit.

These stuff in the long run might or might not make alot of players burnt out. At least we gonna have alot of players in the first or two months.

But it will feel good to have a wow without blood elfs yay.


Here is my suggestion. First we try out the authentic historical Vanilla recreation and then in 2-3 years we can start brainstorm about “improvements”.

(Агграэль) #3

No changes.

If people who want QoL additions and class rebalance quit the game, i say it’s good riddance.

(Lantiia) #4

The little changes you would like to see and the little changes i would like to see are entirely different, and the little changes others would like to see would be different again, implement them all and we will be back to what we have in BfA.

It’s better to have no changes than to end up having them all.

(Basyxqt) #5

As i have said again, classic is classic.

People want it back for a reason.

If you ask for Classic back, but want changes to improve, because many people in the forums suggest maaany things to be changed, it wont be classic anymore.


Seems it has become a fashion of sorts for people who are mostly ignorant about vanilla to come here and ask for changes based on the misinformation they’ve heard. Or simply people who don’t want to play vanilla come here and try to suggest turning it into garbage so they can not play it anyway.

That about sums it up. Vanilla means vanilla.


is completely fine, classic isn’t about grinding it’s about a journey

Just download the addons, I don’t see a problem

Only point I agree with you somewhat. They could tune some numbers here and there

If you want new models go ahead and play BfA - Next thing you will ask for is Mythic+ and world quests in classic, I want classic to be as different from BfA as possible, not make it the same game just with different raids

If you are going to quit over models then you wouldn’t get past level 20 anyway

(Shogath) #8

I’m starting to notice that these posts are typically made by a person who never returns to partake in any discussion that follows.

Smells to me like rousing of public indignation.

Ah wait… he’s posting a reply now.


That is what i said as well. changes needed but maybe not at start.

is this a joke ? grinding is the core factor in vanilla wtf.

yes what i say is that if blizzard implant these addons that every one every single person including nochanges crowd will use to base game we will have a more optimized game.

good to know more people understand this issue.

models only effects 1 person experience in the game. it will be a toggle. mythic+ and world quests are gameplay things and different. a good comparison would be that i would ask for transmog but i know i shouldn’t because transmog ruins the feel of classic but toggle models for each person wouldn’t effect anybody else experience so your argument is invalid.

as i said i will be playing vanilla no matter what and these problems would have zero impact in maybe the first couple months. but the more you play vanilla the more you notice it flaws and in the long run some of these issues will eventually becomes intolerable specially class balance.

I don’t wanna ruin classic experience i just want to add more options for the players without taking away anything from anyone.

Too soon executus.

(Агграэль) #10

There is no such addon.

A lot of people want to play the game as it was, without any external additions to make it easier.

You CAN turn the game into easy mode with questhelpers, DBM and what not, what else do you need? Let others play without this crap.


so you will not install the addon that shows enemies and allies hp numbers ?

also these things can be an option and you can just turn them off if you want.

(Агграэль) #12

I won’t be using any QoL addons or those which make gameplay easier. Most likely won’t use any addons at all.

K, let’s also add LFD and transmog. These things can also be an option and you may just not use it.

Maybe i was not clear enough. I don’t want to play a game with disabled QoL options - i can do it on retail, it just would look stupid.
I am waiting to play the game WITHOUT QoL options.


no because those don’t exist in wow vanilla but these stuff exist with addons. also these are very minor and won’t hurt anyone else experience.

you will still be able to do that regardless. and if you think you will be able to raid without these addons LOL. imagine not knowing how much hp your tank has.

Well at this point you are just copy pasting your previous replies no point responding (since it is a spam). good luck my friend doing raids without addons. also if they don’t add these in game everyone will use addons regardless so overall good luck.

well playing warlock without addon isn’t that hard. try to play a healer or tank without addon. (you still used addon vs cthun lol casual)

you are great player buddy let me check your mythic progress 1 sec.

ops you don’t have any so … idk why you act like you are a member of paragons or something peace friend.

(Агграэль) #14

Having a built-in “show me where to run”, “show me what to equip”, “show me what to do” things will definetely hurt Classic experience. Classic was about exploring myself, not just following the arrow.

I wouldn’t even bother playing classic in such case, because i can’t see difference between retail and this.

Luckily, since last blizzcon we know for sure that any qol additions are not coming classic.

I have no problem with that.
Let other do whatever they want to their gameplay, just let me play classic, ty.

(Агграэль) #15

I have successfully raided up to AQ40 without a single addon. The only one which was mandatrory was for C’tun, which raid leader demanded from everyone.

If you are unable to raid without some external soft guiding your hand, that doesn’t mean everyone is unable aswell.
This is kinda popular mindset on retail now aswell. People actually believe that it is impossible to raid even heroic without dbm warnings or weak auras. Huh.

And then they tell me “players have become better over the years”. Sure thing…

(Darkelth) #16


But if it was just me, I would add some form of looking for group tool. (Keep reading before howling with rage…)

Modern lfg has 2 problems -

  1. It groups you with players from other realms that you will never see again.

  2. It ports you straight to the instance and then back to where you were before afterwards.

None of these are inherently part of an lfg tool. Having something like the current premade group finder, but realm-only, would be fine (imo).

The main reason for asking this is not so much QoL, but more to avoid the torrent of lfg messages in chat. None of them stay on screen for more than a few seconds and it’s just a pretty rubbish way of linking up with other players.


i agree actually. in classic you has to use trade chat and group finder chat ? which isn’t optimized. having a better platform for finding a group without bs stuff such as tp to instances or grouping up with other realm players seems a good improvment. but these kind of changes probably don’t come out untill 1 year into classic so people drop their nostalgia glasses and see the game problems.

(Агграэль) #18

I had it in the past addons. I admit some mythic bosses may require addons for succeful play. But not even half of them actually.

But this is going too far from the topic post. We had confirmation that qol options are not being added to classic. Nothing else to prove here.


I’m not talking about the game launch. I’m talking about 6 months or a year into classic. that time if we don’t get class balances then game will become boring.

(Агграэль) #20

They didn’t say “we are not changing classic at launch”. They specifically mentioned authentic experience multiple times and confirmed more than once that things we are discussing here are NOT making their way to classic. Not just at launch, but never.

If they don’t keep their word… well, pservers are going to become much more authentic with the classic release. No more guessing data and so on.