Annoying things about vanilla


they also said we won’t have fly in wod and we will never have classic servers. anyways i would love to hear from other players thank you for sharing your thoughts. i will not engage in a conversation with you arrpaenb in this thread cya later buddy.

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Yes and the large part of the playerbase got raging at them.

As you can see, the large part of vanilla playerbase is against any significant changes. So there is no point for them to spend resources on things people don’t want to see.

They actually never said it that way.


Great! Then we have come to an understanding! Write down your suggestions on a paper and post them here in 3 years. Not a day earlier, ok! Until then, let’s enjoy Vanilla.


Nah i will comeback each month to remind people about class balance problems.


Vanilla is an mmoRPG and not some e-sports crap. There are no problems with balance in Vanilla.


Tbh the only single thing I would change about vanilla that comes to mind is easier looting. I’m not talking about aoe looting or anything that’s not already in the game. Just if the corpses are sort of stacked it’s very hard to loot the ones that are at the bottom unless you try to aim your camera at a certain angle. It’s really frustrating.
PS: and maybe make anything a normal player can do, a shapeshifted player can do as well but that’s just optional. Examples like looting a quest item


Ok, I’ll bite. In vanilla every class was represented in every fight - even at the highest end. Name one expansion that had better class balance.

I have no doubt that your intentions are good. The options you want to add sadly do take away something from the game. The people asking for no changes aren’t mindless drones who jumped on a bandwagon. My initial list of changes was far longer than yours, and every single one of them was detrimental to the game.

You may not see that, which is fine. Being misinformed is not a crime, but take some time to research what you’re asking for and how it affected the game in the past.

If you feel that these changes are positive for the game, bfa is right there for you to play and enjoy the balanced classes it offers.


1- aoe loot : only positive effect
2- addons : they existed anyways and people who gonna be ahead of the curve will use it and used it before
3- class balance will hurt warriors i see why you mad
4- graphic updates have no downsides.

So yeah i believe you are a vanilla zealot. These changes will happen eventually I bet on it but will take some time because of scarlet crusade zealots.

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None of these things are even remotely close to make it into my top ten list about most annoying things in vanilla… I’m just saying

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Making game easier/faster =/= positive effect.

“I don’t give a f… about people who want to enjoy the game, let us be oriented at “ahead of curve” guys. Ruin the game for a large part of community in favour of some elitists who are too lazy to spend 5 minutes of their time on addons”

Rebalancing vanilla hurts everyone. Once you start balancing, where do you stop?
What about people who were expecting to play a class they love just to find out it has changed?

Matter of principle. Vanilla means vanilla. There are plenty of MMOs with modern graphics. People here want to enjoy classic.

  1. if we are talking about regular looting mobs and not killing Deadmines with a 60 mage to farm cloth, the lack of aoe loot will not be a problem since killing mobs it’s way harder in Vanilla. Forget about killing 5 mobs with your char when levelling, that’s not going to happend.

  2. I hope Blizzard will find a way to bann all addons, all of them, especially quest trackers

  3. we don’t know exactly how the talents will look like. Just the fact that they said patch 1.12 it doesn’t mean we will get exactly those so I suggest to weit and see

  4. Models were find in vanilla, actually they looked more wowish than the current version wich, in my opinion has way to many Asian mmo style influence. If the graphics will scale with 4k resolution it will look good, don’t worry about it.


Addons are by design a core feature in Vanilla and World of Warcraft.


Ahhh, the good ol’ days.

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What about a vote system like OSRS ?


Probably for people who want an easy mode game. Did the mob die too close to something dangerous? No problem, just avoid the risk through aoe looting something a bit further off.

Yes, they will exist. Doesn’t mean they have to be integrated into the base game.

My main is a paladin, but I can understand why someone narrow minded can’t see beyond a forum avatar.

Apart from the game not looking like vanilla. Thankfully we already know there are no changes there.

Believe what you will. Just the fact that you failed to address my only request to you in my post tells me you’re not interested in a discussion. Rather unfortunate, considering this is a discussion forum.

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Indeed… turns out you are just here to troll Classic in general. Well, we all need a hobby i suppose. :roll_eyes:

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Go play retail if you want all those things. They, and you, don’t belong in Classic.


I thought the PvP system was absolute cancer tbh.


Or because u farmed 20 mobs and don’t want to loot every single one. It’s tedious for no reason except being tedious.

I understand the landslide risk of a change but really.


Quiting for no aoe loot??? Pls go back to bfa casual skrub