Annoying things about vanilla

(Grupp) #43

So much time will be wasted while you aoe grinding and you have to click on everysingle creature you killed

And there it is. It’s ‘too slow’ it ‘wastes time’. It needs to be faster, it needs to be instant, it needs to be super-convenient we can’t take the time to do anything because we ‘don’t have time’.

The precise mindset that gave birth to the current incarnation of WoW.


Aoe loot not a big deal could live without. PvP system was pure cancer.

(Lolretadin) #45

I agree that it could certainly be better designed, but at least you knew a R14 had no life and deserved his gear, even though people will claim “Oh he just AFK’d 16 hours a day it takes no skill”.

Also @OP: You will still see Blood Elf models in Vanilla, but thank all that’s holy that we will be 100% rid of pandas (and spacegoats).


Yes, but in their minds they deserve the gear more. So they should get it without investing the time. Same logic that gave us all the free epics really, entitled people want the rewards now, not after they put the effort in. :wink:


Actually lo pan is in vanilla aka a panda.


Has no life deserves his gear… Erm well can’t say I agree with that. I think 2.4k rated arena players deserve Thier gear alot more.

(Lolretadin) #49

One doesn’t exclude the other, it’s not that black and white.
A high rated arena player deserves the gear, maybe more, but a Rank14 still deserves the gear as well. The latter is just a product of an inferior PVP system design.

(Rizzenn) #54

Personally, I would go with BGs tokens for PvP items.

3 for victory, 1 for defeat. And make all items use certains amount of them to buy.

IF you have good group and have all wins you will get full set 3 times faster than people that lose all the time.

And people can pace themselves to get the items.

IF you want to get them all in 3 weeks, then it is 3 weeks of no life,

normal pace could be 3 months or more.

(Reconwarrior) #55

The only changes I am willing to accept are vital to allow us to play the game, e.g. blizz CANNOT make classic without doing something slightly different like the servers or something.

Or to do with the resolution, like how most private servers have 1080p integration which although wasnt in vanilla, doesnt take away from the vanilla authenticity. It still FEELS authentic and blizzlike and it doesnt impact the gameplay.

I would be ok with the 1600x1200 max but it would kinda bug me that I couldnt fullscreen classic, although it would be nice have 1080, i’d prefer full blizz trying to achieve the most authenticity as humanly possible, within reason.

No gameplay changes, no balancing, etc no QOL changes.

People who suggest QOL changes for vanilla annoy me because the whole point is to get an authentic experience and with QOL you change the experience entirely, if you want QOL, just play BFA.


Except for class balance you will be able to turn off everything else i suggested above (they will be off by default and you can turn them on if you want) so sadly you are just a vanilla zealot.

There will be updated graphics. And so far they didn’t talked about having an option for new models. So this might even be in game and we don’t know yet lol.

(Hexelyion) #58

The day these changes happen is the day classic will fail.
Can blizzard afford to have 2 failed versions of the same game?


I have to agree that will be strange to go back to :smiley:.

Depends on what you mean, since specs wasn’t just a single thing.
A popular warlock spec from back then was half affliction and half destro.
While it’s true a full destro or fire mage spec wouldn’t work alot of places, you can still dip into each spec :smiley:

The only place you really can use the one spec analogy is on hybrid classes as each of their specs are very specialized for one thing and sadly they mostly ended up as healers. :confused:

(Droorid) #60

If you somehow run out of content during the first six months of classic, I’d have to say you got a problem with a video game addiction.
And if raiding mythic is the only way to have a relevant opinion in your opinion, that is also a very strong sign that you are struggling with an addiction.
Remember, life is about moderation, even world of warcraft.


Oh, I can turn off bad class balance too, it has worked perfectly so far in several expansions.

Ok, let’s give you the benefit of the doubt one last time and assume you’re ignorant. Demo didn’t have new models, in fact their textures don’t even exist in the 1.12 art assets which they specifically said they are using. They hired artists to specifically restore the old models, in case you haven’t been following news. So they certainly have talked about it, new models aren’t 1.12 art assets.

How will they be on or off when they’re not planned as part of the game? Nvm, you are just trolling after all. Oh well, have a good evening!

(Bigkeg) #62

Each class has at least one “tier 1” build that is viable for given content. So I don’t see what balance you are seeking. With the amount of talents to choose from 3 trees there is not guarantee that any random combination will be good. There is a guarantee that some specific combinations always will be.


Disagree, maybe it’s just my experience that dragonmaw was home to some of the worst high warlords I’ve ever seen play the game.

They lived online 24/7 maybe it’s just they breach TOS with bots or other account share. But they couldn’t play for toffee. I’m talking I watched a mage get cut up by wars on greens after panicking and blinking into walls spamming arc explosion.

Not only a broken system unjustified rewards of the skill development facto from what I have seen. Then there are the cartel groups that pretty much control the game, that’s another issue.


I’m sad I can’t make a rogue and juke backstab mobs to death tbh. As they have fixed the juking.


Yeah, I also watched method players die because they stood in the bad. Clearly they’re terrible and can’t play. See the logic flaw yet?

A good player isn’t immune to mistakes (including really bad mistakes), nor are they measured by a snapshot of their play. The best players are the ones who understand when they make a mistake, accept it and learn from it - even if that process takes a while. And over time they win more games than their competition.

What would you consider a good system then (in terms of rewarding skill in pvp)? I’m not debating what should or shouldn’t be in classic, just curious. From my perspective, many games have tried to set up their own reward system for pvp but they either end up giving free rewards to all or simply rewarding time investment.


Wasn’t a snap shot, I played with these guys alot. I watched them fumble time and time and time again. Wasn’t flawed snapshots I was looking at when seeing a frost mage get cut up in duels repeatedly and daily by every class outside orgrimmar.

Admittedly I knew a very good warlord shadow priest “the plague” a really good lock “serafan”. So yes these guys actually managed it with jobs irl too I believe. Albeit it took something out of them that no game should do in terms of actually damaging someone’s physical health.
Sorry in my mind there is no defending that system, so I’m going to have to agree to disagree.
My logic is that it didn’t seem to matter if you were a bad player as long as your life circumstances meant you were privileged enough to be supported irl or leech off mother or society to do so. Or alternatively you had to damage your actual health to do so. Yeah I think classic needs changes. Albeit not what we have today.

(Агграэль) #67

You do not understand that “a game with QoL turned off” and “a game without QoL” are two entirely different things?

I can’t stress enough, it is not about turning quality of life off, it is about not having it at all.

You can play the frirst variant in BfA right now. Just don’t use any modern features. Of course it will be a retarded way to play. Just like what you suggest here.