Another legendary ilvl added, another goldsink, Unsubbed

Another ilvl of legos will be added in 9.2, I’m already out of gold, and have no means to farm a million gold for alts again,
So I decided to unsub, was the last dropp also.
Stayed for long but I will not continue this arbitrary system in system chore suffering, realy
If they thought with this they will keep me subbed, they are wrong,
I already have a job thanks.


Well, not that 9.2 sounds exciting to me at all, but did you honestly expect them to not add any more ilevels to the legendary, and have it a lower ilevel than the rest of the 9.2 gear?


Which leggos you have on alts atm?

For paladin, 3 legos, 1 tanking 1 dps, 1 pvp, warrior-dh also,
Hunter mm-bm pve, mm-bm pvp,
DK, tank-pve, 3 pvp 1
Should I continue ? xD

This is hell, dont tell like I should buy all of these from gold,
like how they want us to play the game, if you want to be revelant, you need to pay millions of gold, I’m not boosting and have not time to get this amount realy.
Already spent like a few hundred of thousand on legos lol.

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Probably didn’t expressed myself correctly, i meant to ask: at what ilvl are leggos on your alts?

to stay revelant almost all of them max lvl, or one lvl bellow, for the last one had no more gold to upgrade so its the highest lvl of 9.0
I thought there will be like a currency to upgrade or stg. but no,
realy this is super bad,

Woah, i would say that there is no need to upgrade them anymore tbh, effect is what matters, + - 20 ilvl on one item is not much.

I’ve made 235 leggos for alts late into 9.0 when 235 items were around 15-20k, and i didn’t upgrade them in 9.1 nor will i in 9.2.


Now this is straight up an exaggeration. I play 2 specs, balance and resto and got rank 6 for both a few weeks in, for around 120k gold each, and if I waited a little longer, it’d have been cheaper. No rush to get it at the very start of the season, it won’t make you irrelevant at all. Tons of people still used rank 4’s for a long while.

you dont need max lvl legendary. just buy the most cost/benefit useful one

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People have cleared mythic with 235ilvl Legos iirc, why would you bother upgrading them ?

It’s only one tier. 13ilvl upgrade on one single slot which will provide you what, +200 DPS ? Less ?

That’s the very definition of irrelevant. You may seek it for the sake of completion but you certainly don’t need half a dozen tier 7 legendaries.

And if you looked up the recipes you’d see that it requires two components instead of the 9.1’s 40. Dunno what the drop rates are but I heavily doubt we’ll see prices skyrocket to 250k one again.

OP is right tho, never in the game’s history you needed this much gold to be relevant and it’s going to get even worse in 9.2 (100% worse to be more specific).

For people that need like 2 leggos overall it’s fine. But for anyone who is playing:
-more specs
-both PVP and PVE
It’s a mightmare.

Not to mention if you are on more than one realm and also playing both factions. This means you can’t just rely on making gold on one realm/faction.
So you have to either sell pets and/or transfer gold with help of communities, who take a cut, thus making the problem worse.

And of course to make your life easier there is the option to buy tokens, which is exactly why they implemented all of this. It’s a pretty good idea honestly from them.

Someone before SL thought of this like:
“Why should we give them again a free legendary for which they ONLY have to grind in game? Let’s make them grind stuff AND farm a ton of gold for which the avarage Andy will need to buy tokens eventually.” And everyone applauded…

And I thought that getting the legendary cape from Wrathion in 8.3 was annoying with unlocking things and doing that long questline. Oh, how wrong I was. I already miss that.


They should’ve just done the same thing as in Legion with the legendaries. Do the callings and get currency to upgrade them with. Higher itemlevel is more attractive to invite to the group when making groups as well. If two of the same class with the same rio is in queue, and one is itemlevel 245 and one is 251-252, you obviously take the 252 one purely because of the itemlevel.


Technically that is also a grind, for many players preferable type of a grind indeed, but still a grind.

Maybe both options to be available? not sure if that would work :thinking:

Why you need high ilvl leggos on your alts?

I get my max ilvl on my main,but on alts the 190 leggo is more than good just to have the effect,unless u planning on mythic raid/m+20+/gladiator in pvp with your alts but i doubt.

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I agree, the way blizz designed crafting only favors whales who are able to overcome the goldsink that you need to be able to craft it in first place so you can price gouge them on AH.
As a PvP player I have no means to earn that money legitimately, and especially horrible is when you play on character that requires 2-3 effective legendaries for a single spec.
And yes this is exactly the case where you need max rank legendary since the stats, especially HP do a lot. It’s not “just 0.1% more dps” , it is literally life and death matter if rogue can kill you in opener or you survive with 2k hp.
Blizz did everything in their power to make 9.2 even more unattractive for PvP. Maybe some PvE players will enjoy it, I don’t care anymore.


I decided to stick to a main for this exact reason. Granted I have a bit of income, but leggo bases cost way too much no matter the slot.
In a week or two I’ll get my ilvl up on the main’s pieces thanks to the lower price on cloth stuff, but I cannot imagine saving for months for say, a leather leg at 160k…

Alts are tedious as hell for SL so gonna leave them in the dust and see what 10.0 brings for them. I was planning on getting my shammy alive, but… is it even worth the hassle? Likely not.
I do have conduits and soulbinds for them at 200 (is good enough for me…) but I can’t imagine running around in 240-50 gear on alts with their leggo still stuck at 210 :laughing::laughing: it causes a special sort of pain to even think of it.

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I wonder if that’s genuine incompetence or evil intent at selling tokens.
Generally I almost always assume simple stupidity, but in this case I’m more inclined to the malice.


Its so hilarious to see some Blizz lovers suggest their solution; “Don’t upgrade it”.

What a genius you guys are rofl.

I am sure same people made a similiar suggestion to people that hated the conduit farm “Don’t upgrade them”.


If you are on a budget, or it is an alt. Then why would you upgrade the leggo/conduit?
I know it is a crap system. I am not supporting both implementations, but not upgrading them is by far the best option in those cases.

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Probably because its a game and you wanna just enjoy it?

And no, best option is leaving the game.

2nd best option is doing what i did. You make a druid, get a loot-a-rang, run a macro and let the gold flow in. 100k gold a day. There.