Another rogue xpac?

I literally die in a cheap shot wtf is this? hmmm no dh nerfs coming, rogues able to 100% you to 0% in a cheap shot.

can’t wait for s1


Always has been.


I dislike vanish the most.

I litteraly hit the area of a rogue after he vanish but he always gets away.

I am not a pvp expert but this it seems like vanish gives a 3 sec immunity or something?! Like they gave rogues a failsafe to not make them lose 1v1.

Might as well give me immunities if I somehow mess up my rotation instead of punishing me.


that is because you cannot unstealth them for 3s after vanish no matter what you do.


Okay there must be a reason for this bullcrap.

I am pretty new to df, so I dont know the reason why they get their immunity.

Not sure how they are in arena but I shut off warmode because of how they can just escape and not be detected at all and just sap me over and over until their cds are off despite me bombarding the area x(

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they got this immunity (maybe in or after wrath of the lich king). The reason for that was that they vanished and got pulled out of stealth immediately because of a flying projectile or something like that.
They also tried it with a 0.5s immunity to all dmg or so but that was also quite crap. So in the end they gave them an “improved” stealth for 3s. they can take dmg but will not leave still until improved stealth is over.
e.g. if they have a dot on them while vanishing, they will get visible after roughly 3sec when they enter “normal” stealth

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Because people were getting too good at countering vanish, so they could only vanish around corners and pillars where it gave them instant LoS which made it harder to get 'em out with aoe.

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Ow okay I understand now:D

Git gud Rogue goesss brrrrr what you gone do, cry ? Jk
Because its Blizzards love child, i just reroll too it and enjoy tears

Blizz balance always forgot one or two outlier how complite dominate PvP

Point at u Guardian Druids

About warlocks no one cries? Atleast bad rogues will be destroyed anyway and they have a few comps

But wwrlocks oh man, they have damage and rezist like a raid boss:))

Rogues are worse with their endless cc and 1 shot.
At least you get to hit the absolute wall that is warlock

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I dont like to hit walls😏 but i”d love to paint some with some red deadblows

and because timing vanish with 3-4 dots up was absolute misery even if you had insane ping, so if you had bad ping it was unplayable or you simply had to play with a priest and ask for shield in voice every time you wanted to use it

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Autoattacks used to break vanish as well. It was wildly inconsistent before.

There was a time when you could only reliably vanish with cloak vs. some stuff, or a shield, or a dispel, a bop and so on, if your goal was to get away. If you only needed it to get another round of opener on the target, then not a lot had time to interfere with it.
It was also a thing to vanish running in one direction and then instantly swap to the other, in order to avoid breaking the vanish in a d&d for example, because the immunity wouldn’t last long enough to run out of the entire circle.

And that immunity kept those skill expressions as a thing.

However, this 3-second guarantee, has removed the skill expressions, made it into a sheer fluke if you’d be able to get 'em out after they vanish, and has made it into what we see today. Anyone can vanish defensively like a pro now, no thought behind it required, other than “is it good if I use it now or save the CD?”, while not caring about being found (unless you’re facing a DH).

So you’re saying they should design PvP for people playing with “insane ping”?

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did in no way insinuate they should do anything in my comment, I just added on to yours about why they changed vanish in the first place.

So why even mention:

(I see now you meant the other end of “insane ping” when you wrote that earlier quote, but that would be handled by the short immunity, so not really sure why you would mention that either.)

Bottom line is, the only thing you can do poorly with vanish now, is timing it wrong. You don’t even need to care anymore about faking the direction you’re running in, or any of that stuff.

I was not aware there was any immunity on it, I just remember during the early periods of wrath when I played rogue a bit that if you vanished with dots up it would break pretty much immediately, you had to perfectly time it to the dot tick and if you had for example 100 ping vs 20 ping it was a world of difference in consistency (if there was any at all), so your only option was to vanish with a shield or cloak if you didnt wanna leave it to chance

^ It’s above my own post.

(Which, for the record, was pure hell to play against at the time because of Blizzard’s netcoding issues. It kept sometimes showing character models, more often from other regions than the same one you’re on, in a different place than the server was telling your game that the hitbox is at.
So you could stand in a character model, yet still be too far away to hit it sometimes.

I’m really glad they fixed that issue at least.)

ya I just don’t remember when that was because when I played myself in wrath, this did not exist