Any chance Balance Druids could get a minor tweak to the Eclipse Talent?

Similar to how Wild Growth, Warlock pet, Shattering throw glyph, Explosive trap launcher etc were tweaked in Wotlk classic, any chance we could get a similar fix for Balance Druid Eclipse?

If you haven’t played the spec, you bounce between Lunar and Solar eclipse buff windows by getting crits with Wrath/Starfire to go into Lunar/Solar eclipse respectively.

This is a 100% chance on Starfire crits to get into Solar, but only a 60% chance on Wrath crits to get into Lunar (which is our big burst window).

The result of this is that semi-frequently the 60% chance just won’t hit, and you’ll be spamming Wrath for sometimes 20+ seconds without proccing the Lunar eclipse to begin your burst.

Balance Druids aren’t a contender for top single target dps, not even close really if you check the Warcraft Logs data. This change would certainly be a small single target buff to the spec, but it wouldn’t be even close to meta altering.

It would however be a really great quality of life change to prevent those pulls ruined by bad luck.

EDIT: Looks like I didn’t write the actual request change, make Lunar eclipse a 100% proc for Wrath crits.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you agree/disagree. :slight_smile:


If Blizzatd keeps buffing every class to top tier even support classes, suddenly we find ourselves in a situation where raid DPS would exceed what was required by original design and every encounter would become trivial.

I’ve played demo for the whole of wrath and we have a pretty similar issue. Outside of metamorphosis our single target dps is pretty bad, unless you get molten core procs, then it might be ok. Of course you can try to work around this by having a lot of haste for faster corruption ticks, which means more molten core procs. And if there are off-targets that don’t require instant focusing down you can put corruption on those for even more procs.

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The spec is very rng-based currently, indeed. When the stars align though, you become a crit monster. Atleast I’m competing with the top specs in my raid, for brief moments in the fight, before dipping down again.

Not sure what your actual suggestion is though, make wrath casts a guaranteed crit? Will probably make balance a bit too good, is my prediction. This will be fixed in Cataclysm anyway, since the eclipse mechanic gets an overhaul.

Absolutely despise the RNG nature of eclipse, love managing the back and forth rotation, but spamming wrath and seeing nothing is not fun, leaves you waiting for a proc instead of fluidly doing your rotation.

Vs feral which is the most fluid rotation and feels so damn good to play.

Its not about being top tier, its about how fun it is tbh.

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Imagine if your entire damage done in a fight depended on whether you get 2crits in a row consistently one after another throughout the 35%-0% phase of the boss :upside_down_face:
If you do, and face no mechanics, you are on top of meter, if you dont suddenty you somehow lack skill in playing arguably top dps class :upside_down_face:
I really wish arcane makes a comback in icc. That was an actual fun, skill based spec, not “LB all targets and pray they all give you procs”

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What a stupid excuse. You clearly know nothing about WoW in general.

Encounters were already trivial since vanilla where people stacking Mages, Warrios, or Warlocks and Hunters in TBC and now in Wotlk UH DK’s, Fire Mage, Aff Warlocks.

Making every DPS spec top tier would just prevent that and give people more option to choose.

Next time do some research about WoW raidings before “sharing” your lack of knowledge.

20s? Thats amature numbers. I have had 0 procs on Lunar until the boss was at 20% in ToGC :smiley:

So 4 specs out of 21 are performing noticably better than the rest, so the solution is to bring the remaining 17 specs to be on par with the 4 outliers rather than bringing down the outliers?

Well yeah, it works that way too. Doesn’t matter if they nerf or buff. My point is, that will prevent class stacking.

If you take a look at the WCL class rankings that they often publish on wowhead, I personally think that the dps range between classes is perfect.

In ICC it will change due to different bosses but right now, it looks reasonably close together without any particular dps class being exceptionally lower than any other.

Changes like a buffed eclipse to wiggle a little bit of hideous RNG out of this kind of spec would be really cool and if that meant that boomkin went up a few notches then i don’t think it would make any difference whatsoever.

Same with Enh firenova-fireele problem.

Demo’s Soulfire execute talent is interesting but I think there is some problem with starting a cast with the buff up, it drops off, and you finish the cast, you don’t get the bonus and lose a shard, that feels quite bad. Not suggesting a change for that however its just something that niggles me.

While we’re at it, Holypriest have some very bad talent design and could do with one of those “ok whatever” buffs like they just gave to hunter. Looking at Lightwell as the most abrasive talent.

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People have said same thing at the end of Phase 1. That Ulduar wont be “tank and spank” like Naxx. But in the end they still stacked Aff Warlocks because how good they are.

Maybe this time will be like you said, since now we have T10 set that works perfect for 3.3.5 talents last patch.

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There is one and only one (aside from the workload excuse) reason why buffing everyone might not be a good idea and that is encounter tuning. When everyone overperforms the raids become even more trivial and less fun, so after everyone gets buffed the bosses need to get buffed as well.

If Blizzard thought so, after increasing the powerlevel of Ulduar items by about 10%, the boss encounters should have been buffed by a similar amount across the board. Since it wasnt the case, we can only assume that Blizzard is willing to make the content easier, but not adjusting it back to the original difficulty.

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I agree, it’s kinda cringe to wait so long for eclipse to pop after having 4 or 5 wrath crits in a row. It completely breaks your rotation and wastes dps.

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I think not nerfing the bosses was an ok decision in that case. I can’t say whether it fully balanced out the ilvl buff, but it was something at least.

There is a difference between buffing classes and buffing gear. Don’t try to mix those. And most DPS specs don’t scale well just from raw stats.

Did you even read what I said? Bosses are already trivial when people stack top DPS classes. Why no one asked for boss to be strong then? What’s the difference between having 5 Aff locks, 5 UH DK’s, 5 fire mages or having more diverse classes because they all perform well? Do you understand the difference?

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I made a reasonable observation and you go out to attack me so I will respond in kind.

People did ask, though. Just because you want all content to be faceroll so you can solo 25HM lich king and get all gear instantly doesn’t mean everyone else wants to. Do you understand the difference?

What observation? All you did is being a “captain obvious”.

And you completely miss the point. I never said all content to be faceroll. You failed to understand the point of my first comment. You start making up stuff that I never said.

The big question is why you got so angry and defensive if it really was so obvious to you.

Let’s see your point was “Bosses are already trivial” and (not an exact quote) “buff players but don’t buff content”. Yeah, seems like everything checks out.