Any chance Balance Druids could get a minor tweak to the Eclipse Talent?

And that right there is perfect proof that you like to blindly assume things. The part “don’t buff content” it something that you made up, I never said that. I also clearly said that I don’t care if they nerf players.

That never was my point.

Is this how your monkey brain work? Make someone repeat himself, then play the “victim card” after I call out your stupidity because you feel “attacked”. Your desperation is so obvious.

OK, maybe I did misunderstand. But you gotta agree, when I mentioned that if everyone was buffed the content would need to be buffed to make it too easy, you made a very general post that seemed to be against the content being tuned up to match: “Bosses are already trivial when people stack top DPS classes. Why no one asked for boss to be strong then?”
Yes, you literally said “Bosses are already trivial” right in this post here:

How can you argue that it was not your point when that’s exactly what you said? If you want people to understand your point you either need to be clearer or less contradictory. Please explain what you meant in your original reply to my “obvious” post, so that we may understand each other better.

Ok. I will say it again. My whole point is to prevent class stacking. I don’t care if it with buffing boss or nerfing players. That’s the only thing I care. The reply from “Terres” made me think that it not necessary to buff all classes.

Just because it something I said, doesn’t mean that’s the my point.

When I said “Bosses are already trivial”, it was in response to the argument that “all DPS performing well is bad idea” (not an exact quote). And I did that twice, first to “Mepmßa” and second to you.

Now my question is: Is it bad idea to make all DPS spec equal? Regardless if the buff or nerf.

Also this post is about Eclipse Talent, which I agree is to RNG. They should increase Moon Eclipse proc from 60% to 100%. I was just replying to “Mepmßa”.

Ah I see, maybe I was not clear enough. I did not mean that all dps performing well is a bad idea. I meant that, due to Blizzard incompetence, if they went full-out buffing everyone they would definitely fail to match average raid output to the encounters (they probably don’t match raid encounters to top optimized raids, because then average raids would struggle). Now, I’m not saying players shouldn’t be buffed, just that if the balancing is done this way, players might also want to try reminding Blizzard to balance encounters so that the level of challenge an average raid faces now is more or less the same.

That’s fair and I completely agree.

As long as the player classes/specs get balanced towards each other and the content it’s a very good idea.

So I guess we were just talking past each other, haha.

Yea. :sweat_smile: The problem is, Blizzard will never put effort in something like “balance DPS specs”, not because of players that like it and don’t want to upset them, especially in Vanilla. It because they are not capable. People that ask for “Classic+” or “equal DPS specs” don’t realise they are asking the same people that made BfA and Shadowlands. We can only hope for small tweaks like Eclipse proc talent.

that sounds really good for PVE conntent :slight_smile: but every coin has 2 sides.
imaggine getting 100% crit on starfire in pvp just after one wrath (crit) .



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The one dude in Blizzard who wants to make arenas into an esport.
And his opinion is worth more than all players combined, just like with everything else.

Arenas aren’t fun to watch imo, pretty much nothing else to it or it would have already caught on in the last 18years its been played.

this is one of the truest commends that u will see on the forums. i would rather trust random basement dwellers that love the game than the current blizz teams (turt** wow for example is a great classic+ project thats is way better than season of mastery or classic with changes like blizz is doing)

I agree, but he does not, or he’d have stopped trying by now.
I prefer large-scale pvp, personally.

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