Any changes to paladin coming or?

I agree, Hpal is pretty much the most garbanzo healer. The design, just everything about it sucks.

If you compare hpal with other classes, hpal has a very small arsenal. No buffs for allies. The blessings of the seasons are useless. Bop is dispelled the same as divine shield. 5 minute ability dispelled in 0.5 seconds. After using 3 holy power, you have to wait for another 3 holy power to be healed. Damage is very hard after the nerfs. Unlike a druid or priest who will just cast dots. And worst of all, in the next patch, so far they have announced another weakening of the pvp talent. And as for the tournament, if they played hpal on an older patch, then hpal was quite ok in mele build. Anyway, the tournament itself should not be any indicator of the quality of the class.

i mean sac, two bops and freedoms is not a small arsenal and the arsenal is not what hpala is lacking right now. Its throughoutput outside of wings and mana.

they played it on the most recent patch and of course its an indicator it might not be the only indicator but if a spec is playable at the highest level in a format where people easily counterpick you then it means the spec cant be super bad.

Sure super bad is obviously not true. But comparing picking hpal over other healers in a shadow/assa mirror, saying it’s good, is just funky.

Pumpingout every single cd in 90 sec most times less, isn’t idea

Playing hpal with a shadow also working a bit better.

If the DPS aren’t as lethal as at the highest end off play, u see throughput will win you way more games then pumping out CDs left and right will.

If the DPS are not able to kill in a very small window hpal will fall behind in effectiveness.

Hpal has been usually the top tier healer in very high burst meta. Yet we aren’t “really” doing that this season.

It’s all downhill for hpal if they won’t change specific parts about the gameplay.

Couple ideas.

Devine favor being uninterruptable again on 25sec cd

Mastery being a shield since the now mastery is implemented it has always been worst stat for us.
The only season it wasn’t is the one where they gave some sort of proximaty buff etc.

Giving us meaningful DMG, and reduce the effectiveness of meelewings. But let’s actually hit harder it’s SL DMG in df ATM

Give dispell protection for our hands

Buff wog heal

U were crying long before 10.5 bro, chill

Hold your horses, one rework per expansion! :smiley: :smiley:

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