Any coming back deals?

hello,i have played on/off for 15 years (and only got 1 char to level 90 as i mostly only fish) this last month i have been back playing on my noob free acounts (below lvl20) over the years ive had offers of some free time to come back by e-mail,i just wonder if there are any deals offerd these days … stu freedomfix (undead priest)

No, no deals at the moment.

But with the new Chromie Time, you can play in all expansions except Shadowlands with your level 20, and fish there too - though they pretty much killed fishing in Mists.

Just talk to Chromie outside the Orgrimmar Embassy in Orgrimmar and she will se you up to visit any expansion you like. You might find the Garrison in Warlords of Draenor interesting; it has its own Fishing Pond.

THANK YOU…interesting,

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