Any Gamblers On The Forums?

Since they now basically confirmed that SL will only have 3 seasons, I bet 1 milly gold, that they put the dogsh*t ugly a$$ looking green glad mount in the game and the unique red and golden one will go straight into the garbage can. Same story as in BfA.

Who’s gonna take me up on that?

This expansion is a worse version of wod, I wish I could experience WoD instead of this.


I quit like 3 weeks into Pandas and came back Legion pre-patch, so I’m literally clueless when it comes to WoD.

WoD was really good for arena players, I remember cervantes had like 9 dks cuz it was so easy to gear and just play insta.

That sounds like the end of Legion… I miss Legion.

2nd best season of all time :sunglasses:

Weren’t like 4 glad mount for this xpac :o

the content was good in WoD (except Garrisons) the problems was the LACK of new content, leveling zones are still the best, the raids were fantastic, BRF is the best so far in the game after Ulduar, most of the class design was better then in BFA/SL, and arena had its own problems like always but it was more healthy balance wise. And play alts was easier tho since we dont had any borrowed bull$$it system to farm.


There’s actually 5 designs, but since we are only getting 3, I’m assuming the 2 coolest ones are gonna get trashed.

Gold glad mound will be more in line with the new zone design tbh. Too bad we can’t collect all of the recolors

You were absolutely right KEKW


good guess mate hahaha they did the same thing in bfa

I’d genuinely love to know who’s sat down in a room making the decisions of what colour to pick. It happens so much. Another one was the MoP challenge mode colour schemes

What was wrong with the MoP CM mounts? Had 4 nice varieties

Lmao this makes 0 sense. M+ gets the cool looking red color and we get the ugly green that looks almost identical to the current one…

The tabard is btw the same one as the sinful tabard on the ptr files.
That could either mean:

The tabard and/or mount are subject to change and might get updated to differ in variation


they simply don’t give a damn and we will get uggo mount version and the same tabard as sinful season (happened before if u think about s14&15 tabard or even in legion)

Latter is more likely i feel like

Ofc I was right. I just assumed the worst case scenario and since we are talking about Blizz… :slight_smile:

Prediction #2: 9.2 will go live with the same green tabard as sitful season, then people will complain about it and they will change it to either the black one, that should have been given out s1 instead of green or the red one.

I personally like the title “cosmic gladiator” though. If sl wasn’t as sh*t, I’d try to push for it, but considering the current state of PvP, which will prolly further decline next ssn, with the introduction of cov leggos on top of normal ones, I can’t see myself tryharding. I’ll just push glad early and then play casually or quit entirely until 10.0, same as this ssn. :sleeping:

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where does it confirm 3 seasons, and not 4?

It’s not like 100% confirmed but heavily implied that 9.2 will be the last patch of SL and therefore most likely also the last season.

They could in theory split it into 2 seasons like they did in Legion for example but let’s be real :slight_smile: not gonna happen

Lets do the logic. Did they fix leather elite set? No? What makes you think they will fix that mount then?