Any good class to start to main any suggestions

im looking at a melee class to start as a main but not really sure which one it will be better as im really into shaman but i heard their survivability is bad as i already created one and started off went into pvp hunter almost couple shots and im down druids aswell im still low level but when i hit level 60 are they any good i will be mostly doing PVE raids world quests and aswell as pvp from time to time wpvp

Demon hunters have pretty good survivability and mobility. DK is another choice, but they’re low on mobility then. Ret paladins could also be ok. I mean, most classes fit your criteria if its just about survivability, and any class is good at the content you mentioned.

I could tell you what to avoid though. You probably don’t want a survival hunter or a feral druid. Not that they’re bad, but most people would discriminate against them and I know that ferals are harder to play. I know that unholy DK’s have been a bit tricky to play in the past, and frost DK’s have a pretty niche build that also requires pretty optimal conditions.

Probably recommend DH or paladin for you. Both should have plenty of survivability and neither is too difficult to play. Impossible to know what you’ll truly like though. Just keep in mind that all the specs are viable. And honestly, I do also have to recommend rogues: they’re just so good right now. They also have plenty of cooldowns to help you survive, and are great for world quests thanks to stealth. Honestly they’re great at everything. Rogues are never bad. So maybe try a rogue actually.

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and shamans at the higher gear level do they do any good

Well, I’m not going to lie to you, but enhancement shaman is probably the worst spec in the game at the moment. You can check this here:

So if melee is all you’re considering, I can’t currently recommend enhancement as a spec, although let it be said that they provide a very good buff to other melee players so it will still make them desirable in a raid. And balance can change, so it’s not like shamans are always going to be bad.


Forget melee. Mage master class.


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