Any indicators for PVP improvements?

eyo, are there any indicators for pvp improvements such as

  • ranked solo q bg or arena
  • removal rating gating on pvp gear

pls no discussion if these would be really improvements, its just my perspective, i dont play wow anymore right now but would feel to return if these changes would happen, thank you guys!




there will be a brawl where they test that in 9.2

if honor would be easier to farm the system would be okay. not perfect but okay.

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Only hope for solo q is that this testing new brawl won’t see the same fate as 6x6 RBG and 6x6 brawl in Legion.

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sounds interesting, thanks.

depends on perspective, id prefer if the best players get cool cosmetic stuff but not a gear advantage. id also not play chess vs. a friend and just because he is better than i am he gets a third rook so he will not only beat me in 75% of all games bc of skill but now in 95% bc of skill and third rook.

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stop trying to explain blizzards decisions with logic.

We should know by now that they’re not playing pvp

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Sure, mate, not trying to explain or complain or so, just trying to figure out if the game might get enjoyable for me at some point.

same like 5 years ago and now im farming 500k honor / season

They should remove rogues and mages first tbh. Let them do PvE content but that’s it, curious how many of them will stay to play on their ‘favourite classes’ once they won’t give free glad rating just from existing.

You would get along with Praetorian really well. You should faction change to Alliance and offer to queue arena with them.

It’s just common sense. I’m sure most unsubs were due to being stomped by rogue/mages infinitely, with no possibility to counter.

p.s. and arms but not to that degree

Most unsubs didn’t even have anything to do with rated PvP, my dear Anoraaz.

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How can you know that?
All I see is that 90% of arena forums posters are rogues, mages and sometimes arms and hunters. Everybody else gave up and quit.

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It’s simple enough. You know, my dear, precious Anoraaz. Rated arena is not the only area of the game! In fact, only a tiny minority of the playerbase goes anywhere above 2000 rating. As a result, most unsubs couldn’t possibly come from issues in arena balance.

So? People below 2000 can’t unsub?

they have talked about arena solo q in this post https ://

How would that be ranked?
Wouldn’t it feel like the 15vs15 arena brawl?
Like really pointless :new_moon_with_face:

Maybe I’m thinking too short, but that sounds like bullsh*t to me… thanks for sharing though.

You have a 2s and 3s solo q. Healers are matched vs. healers. And then you play, winner gains rating, loser loses rating. If you want to mix solo and premade, you give the premade a MMR penalty so they have to encounter higher MMR solo players etc. You observe and if needed you adjust.

Seriously, I understand that WOW is more complex than other games, but what they write sounds like they are the first humans on the world to ever think about a PVP game… all the PVP MMR concepts are already there, just implement them…

after 6 month grind and couple of years practice :smiley:

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