Any phase 2 news?

release date? something?


I mean, it’s been only a bit more than a month since BC started, I’d give it at least 1 more month before we even hear about P2


Probably gonna be atleast another 3 months of Phase 1. Can’t see them releaseing it earlier then that.

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My money is on tail end of August/first week of September, around the same time this little ‘inconvenience’ called New World launches, with BT a few months later to match the release of Endwalker. Expect a bit of a content draught after that, or after ZA, to stick to the 2-yearly schedule for WoTLK Reborn.


on original release we had SSC + TK in phase 1. This gruuls/magg raid is boring and very short. clearing all content in one night. I know its too early to ask but i mean afk in shatt all day is boring as hell


Level an alt then? I’m a bit ahead of the curve with my TK attunement title but even I still need one or two epics from kara before I’m “done”. Even if I get them I’ll be doing the same on an alt when I’m not helping guildies on my main.

The fact that you’re done already is on you. You rushed the content and have nothing to do on your main. I did the same because I like that playstyle, but I keep a backup alt to take in the scenery and do it all again but a bit more slowly.

So no, phase 2 can stay away for a few months. My bet is that it will indeed be launched around september.


The TBCC timeline is completely ruined.

On the PvE side of P1, most serious people have everything on farm (3 hrs per week) and are waiting for tier 5.

On the PvP side of P1, S1 only recently started and with the majority of the community being 1200-1600rating and 300 points per week, they still have a loooong way to go before they get their set, or some of it.

So PvE is already done while the PvP only just started.
What will they do? Rush P2 to appease pvers or wait a few months for the pvpers? Few months more of P1 and i’m definitely quitting.

Tldr: there is not enough content in t4 to put a whole arena season out next to it. Either they release t5 while still in s1, or many ppl will quit.
Either way people are going to quit.

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Perhaps you should quit, then

I genuinely don’t get why some people even play the game if they don’t enjoy farming stuff, that’s literally like 99% of what the game is


Farming what? I got everything I need.
Also point out to me where I said I don’t like farming.
Has absolutely nothing to do with my previous post.

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farm what mate? kekw
got enough gold.
got all needed rep
got almost full bis
got TK/SSC attuement too.
got kinda everyhting…

i play like 4 hours a day.

not going to level an alt and do all over again lol what?
Blizz decided to ruin the timeline. why not release TK and SSC in phase one?

Because you’re gonna have the same thing as you are now.
But yeah, my guild clears mag+kara+gruul within 1 raid day.
I don’t even need anything from mag/gruul anymore lol.

You’ll get your BiS from TK/SSC and you’ll have the same situation and request next one and so on.
But yeah, might as well level an alt once you get all your gear you want anyway ;p

A lot of people are probably not even done leveling/gearing up their main toon, since TBC is a bit more time consuming than retail.

Blizzard should not cater to the “Rush” crowd. I mean, regardless of what they do, there will always be people who are angry.


I reached level 70 after 3 weeks. I’m not even attuned for Kara yet.


3-4 more months as you know… pvp season exists too…


Wait, so you’re wanting 5 months of gruul/kara?
Phase 2 raids were in-game at the start of TBC.
They can easily delay the next season and release the raids 1-2 months before the next season.

Cant even keep up with 1 character with all rep grind/gear crafting and atunements and even bis farm. Dont even have time for resilience gear. On top of that I even have an alt to carry to 70.

And I play easily 10-15 hours a week.

Please expand phase 1 as long as possible.

Those of other opinion should try play less honestly.


I play 2h a day, I got all my crafting gear, epic engineering mount, SSC/TK attune done.

being afk in org doesnt count as playing.



They planning make pahses 3 month long, soo we are in half of 1 phase…

Magtheridon exists too.