Any pvp shadowpriest above 2400 with covenant other than Venthyr?


I’m a bit tired of venthyr and I feel like the value is overall not necessarily great (but I’m not 100% sure).

Yes mindgames is great in pvp, that’s a fact, it’s cool, it’s big pp every 45 secs BUT :slight_smile:
Door of shadows is almost useless since it’s a shadow cast and if you’re kicked on it then bye bye. The soulbinds are ok but definitely not op and I would like to know if people tried another covenant and how it is in pvp, for arena, as shadowpriest.

Thanks !

None that actually played another covenant to get there, no, though there are a few players who have since swapped away from venthyr but also happen to still be 2.4+. Mindgames is just too good, as is familiar predicaments and I think you genuinely underestimate door to boot.

Same goes for disc, I think something ridiculous like the top 100 disc priests are all venthyr.

haste bonus, root/snares/interrupts -25%, mindgames (+20% if conduit’d), casted blink + disorient, it’s shooting yourself in the foot not to play venthyr or nadija for that matter. honestly I wish they’d remove the conduit energy system because everytime I want to switch specs I need to switch the conduits. the lack of interesting stuff in the other soulbinds is beyond annoying.

this has been the case forever. “This expansion, you can gain great powers throught the new amazing artifact trait/azerite trait/soulbind/younameit system! Look how amazing they are!!!”, one of the options ends up being objectively the best, the game is balanced around you having those best powers, and playing anything else is gimping yourself. When was the last time you saw a necrolord hunter? a kyrian mage? a nightfae shaman? This isn’t “a range of options for great new powers”, this is “pretend this covenant is baseline for the spec and move on”.

I don’t mind having straight better options than the others as long as there are no systems limiting me in exploiting those, I literally see no gameplay reason to have conduit energy. It’s not like you can change it before a fight or whatever, you have to be at the forge. They could instead put a gold cost or idk but after 3 spec switches I’m done for a week it’s so annoying.

This weekend in the AWC

after switching my first disc priest from nightfae to ventyr for pvp -arena reasons.
and playing a second discpriest as ventyr, i started a third to test kyrian.

kyrian is definitly fun. i think in RBG ventyr is not that mandatory compared to arena. you get mobility and def as a nighfae (soon buffed). kyrians 3min cooldon could aslo do some dmg when ppl stack together at a flag… i cant test that since i am not 60 right now. but ist a lot of fun in dungeons. less boring than ventyr 45sec cast

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