Any sin tips for raids?

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Heavily played outlaw for the last year. Gonna try my luck at sin for ST raid fights. Got the opener as double garote, rup, mutilate to 5 combo and evenom. Maintain DoTs and twist/vendetta on CD.

Playing the normal build with subter for 2+ mobs, master assassin for 1 mob. And using 3x double, 2x vendetta, 1x garrote.

Any pro tips or tricks to get more DPS?

And when there’s 2 bosses spread like court, should I be running back and forth maintaining dots? Or just focus on one boss?

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You want to ideally aim for 1x nothing personal, 3x double dose. (if you can get 1 SS then thats cool- didnt realise you already mentioned traits till post, rip.)

With combo points if you get 4 you spend that, dont waste energy for five, maintaining dots is a big party of your damage. Think of yourself as the melee affli lock, you usually see druids and other dot casters do this stuff too. Dot management is king.

Your opener will also dictate how well your dps goes, same for trinkets. So here are links to help you with openers to maximise your damage at the start. And to see where you are in terms of what trinkets there is blood mallet

Ideally use toxic blade off CD (providing your dots wont fall off during the window of using toxic blade.) or save it for vendetta if you have vendetta soon, same applies for Vanish its a DPS cool down as much as it is a escape.

Remember if your raid is melee reliably melee heavy get them to use world vein for that extra 700 Agi 8)

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Nice one cheers bro, some good tips!

For stats im going crit=haste>mastery and avoid ver if that’s right? Sat at 1200 crit, 1100 haste, 600 mastery, 700 vers (working on gear without vers)

First ever heroic raid playing sin did 30k dps which seemed decent on ST bosses. Another sin in lower ilvl, and same azerite/neck pulled a head 5k. Her mutilates averaged 20k, mine averaged 10k over a 6min fight. Only main difference was her using master assassin, and me subterfuge. Is there anything I’m missing for mutilate damage? (Got 3x double dose on)


You really need to run sims for raiding.

M+ is largely dominated by crit>=mastery depending on build and stats, but that isn’t the case for raiding. The only way to figure out what is optimal is to sim it repeatedly with different Essence combos. If you CBA to do that you can go crit=>haste>mastery (assuming at least a passive Lucid Dreams), but there is no guarantee that it will be optimal.

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