Any way to get dispensation to post links?


Hi there,

I’ve recently transferred my character back to an RP realm - I really want to write and organise RP events and have created a google form survey to collect information on things such as plotlines people want.

However, I am not at a trust level to post external links, and if I’m not mistaken I don’t believe I can ever reach trust level 3 because I was once banned from the forums and suspended in-game ( this took place around 10 years ago, give or take - the forum ban was for quoting a vulgar song - I’m sure you can appreciate my behaviour is meaningfully different now as a person in their mid-twenties :slight_smile: )

Is there any way to gain dispensation to post a specific link, e.g letting it be checked by someone first, I really don’t know? It seems like a bit of a long shot but I’m just trying to facilitate some community events and it would be really useful to be able to aggregate responses on google forms.

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There are ways to post links without proper trust level. You can start it with a new line and a line gap under the text and add four spaces in front of it:

You can use this symbol in front of it `(the tylda ~ key):

You can also put this < in front of the link and this /> after it:


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@Deanov: In addition to the helpful advice Cedrad already gave you (Thank you, Cedrad!), very old bans do not apply, pretty much everybody got a clean slate, when the forums were swapped to the current version.

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Some people even found out that there’s a good chance that only bans from the past 100 days count. Apart from that, I know of two people here who have been suspended for a few hours but still got to post links and reach TL3.

Didn’t know that, seems like the best way to post links. Good advice!


Thank you for your replies everyone - I have not used the forums in years so am quite out of the loop :slight_smile:

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