Any wotlk servers coming soon?


Like classic but for Wotlk. That’d be great, thanks

(Karanze) #2

They said that if classic is a success, they could be open to making a TBC server as well. Could imagine that couold escalate to WotLK too.


Pretty much the only reason I hope classic doesnt fail in two weeks, if they see it as a good cashgrab they will definitely release other expansions too …

(Søssky) #4

I hope if they make more servers it’ll be an evolution from the classic server and not from scratch.

At least a server where you can copy your classic character from.


Soon? Not a chance.


possible if classic happens to be a success story, they tryna cashout on all the private server success xD


I cant because classic will probally die out due to no content updates after ‘everything’ vanilla is in and all ‘those’ people that said nostalgia, screaming hyed up, are playing diffferent games XD

(Maerlin) #8

Your point has one problem. People put up with bugs on private servers to play the game and there a ton of em for more than 10 years. And no content updates means it has a finish line, where you can log your chars without grinding every day, but just play and have fun.

It won’t fail and it wont die


You put up one problem right there: most servers wernt vanilla, nor classic like. Inffact, most had modifiers. Pluss, the fact these people didnt need to pay a subscription.


Or maybe rather than wasting resources on remaking old expansions they should pour that Bli$$ard $$$$$$ into a good 9.0 xpac? I wonder.

(Aylish) #11

This is a quote from Blizzard on MMO Champion frontpage right now;

[ Q: What are the plans after Phase 6? More content for classic or moving to TBC? ]
A: We’ve done most of the hard work by bringing back 1.12 so progressing to Burning Crusade would be a lot easier for us. Our plan is to identify everything we need to do should we ever decide to go this route. We want to be sensitive to the desires of our players. Some may want BC and some may not. We’ll be following the Classic community closely to help determine what our next steps should be."

Personally I am interested in trying classic, but WotLK is out of the question. WotLK killed all sense of progression for me, and gave me the first and one of the very few rage quits I have had. WotLK is to this day rock bottom of expansions on my list, alongside WoD.

If WotLK would ever be coming, I’d like to see it added as Søssky suggested;

Otherwise I’ll be pushed ut completely, if I do decide to stay and regulary play classic. I did enjoy TBC(it’s my nr. 1 favourite expansion next to Legion), but I feel like I’ve played through that and don’t really have a desire to go back to TBC because it feels like I’ve finished. I never felt like I completed vanilla, which is why I am more eager about classic. I started playing vanilla 6 months before TBC was released.

I realize “split servers” based on prefered expansion might be very dividing, but I’d be strongly against doing a loop with forced progressive expansions.

(Cedrad) #12

It’s not outside the realm of posibility but it’s not soon. First Classic has to run for a while to see if it’s good investment in the long run.


In a few years at the earliest, if Classic is a big enough monetary success.


because its easier to rerelease software thats already been written?
they now have tools to modify old code to run on the new engine.

(Søssky) #15

I doubt they would overwrite the classic servers just because of the timespan. Everyone will get bored of vanilla eventually but could be in 2 years or 10 years or 15 years so adding TBC or wrath servers based on when classic dies out wouldn’t really be feasible so split servers is probably what’s on the table if anything.


i think thats very possible if people start asking for it like it has been pointed out in the recent interview.

(Nimrhys) #17

In 15 years back to BfA server


I guess im gonna have to play on private server until then^^


Had to be said.


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