Any wotlk servers coming soon?

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We won’t, Blizzard will. They will need to monetize their classic servers, and faction/race changes were part of Wrath. There’s zero chance of them not doing it, if they ever give us Wrath servers.

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i would say im sure blizzard are getting enough money every month to run classic servers as they are. besides, this time around i think people will put a little more thought into their character selection now we know the consequences of trusting blizzards “new players” realm.
it may be blizzard implementing it, but its people who keep buying it which is why the ACTUAL problem is never addressed.

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I would love play WotLK again. I loved the expansion quite a bit. :slight_smile:


Wrong a fair amount where the exact same and actually had more bugs than classic!

Players still put up with it and a lot of them stuck around until the server shut down. Then they started again.

Stop spreading false information about some thing you clearly have not the most minuscule idea about.

Hate to break it to you but Vanilla has a very, very devoted and hardcore crowd. I know multiple guilds personally through either IRL or forums who’ve already got calendar plans for the next two years atm.

Most of them are over joyous on the simple fact that once 60 they can relax and play whenever they want without the fear of missing content.

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I want MoP

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I’ll have to disagree, but I don’t have time to elaborate. I’ll try again tomorrow, but it’s a matter of opinion.

Good night!


wotlk was where pvp was at its prime, daym i miss arena tournament

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this so much. that one of the annoying things these days. missing just a day can be a pain, cause they will mount up. its nice to log on and just do what WE want to do rather than be forced into the hamster wheel.

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