Anyone can recommend spec for solo

im looking to make a new character mostly PVE from time to time would like to get into PVP aswell as for PVE if i can solo perhaps old dungeons is bm hunter good as i already got hitted level 60 but still i have a bad gear on it i know paladins are good but i dont really enjoy playing paladin im looking currently at Death Knights and there are some negative talks going on about it if i get geared well on DK will it be good or still bad

The most capable all-round soloing class is Druid. By far. Druid is The Class That Has Everything somewhere in its specs. Tank. Stealth. Instant Ranged pulling and MASSIVE AoE. Healing. You name it, Druid has got it.

After that, any class with a Tank spec can solo dungeons at level with half-decent gear you can get from WQ. I would rate Paladin top, and Warrior and Monk low. I don’t play Warrior and Monk, but they seem to me to lack the level of self-sustain of other tanks.

I don’t personally like Blood DK. It feels too slow and un-dramatic to me. But it will do for soloing. And you have two perfectly ok specs for BGs.

With all the classes with Tank spec, you do ofc have the ability to also use one of their DPS specs, when you don’t need the pulling power of a Tank.

Then you have the pet classes BM Hunter and Warlock with Voidie. Those will not get you as far with the roughest soloing content, and will definitely not be as capable at the level of current dungeons, but they do push out more damage than a tank spec, and since they are ranged, it is a very comfortable playstyle without having to switch specs.

I can warmly reccomend druid as well. You can level as a Bear and pull as many mobs as you want, use cooldowns wisely and you are pretty much immortal. There is also Balance (ranged DPS) Restoration which is a healer and Feral cat, which is a melee DPS.

All of the specs play very nicely, and the variation makes it so you will never run out of things to do and learn.

dk! its agood time topick it up because dk tend to scale very well with stats late in the expansions. if you have any questions lmk i play dk since mop i think :smiley: and dont let paladins fool you dk is obv the most bad *ss class in terms of classs fantasy we are basically the cool version of a paladin or a warrior with magic dmg. and the arthas redemtion arc is prob one of the best in the game. what esle do u wanna hear

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