Anyone playing Resident Evil 2 remake?

(Insideous) #1

Although I’m 38 years old I have never played a Resident Evil game. Or any survival horror game.

I can watch horror films from sunup to sundown and not flinch.

But this game…this game is giving me heart problems it’s so viscerally SCARY.

And I’m loving it so far. Anyone else playing?

(Moothilda) #2

Noo, I didn’t know they made a remake of that game :open_mouth:

You just had me go looking for the games I have for that console - I have the first Resident Evil - but I can’t remember the gameplay at all in that game :expressionless:

And I have Resident Evil 4 - that game had me jumping a lot when playing :laughing:

You just had me find some on Youtube, they have made a good job in the brushing up :smiley:
It could def be a game worthe buying and playing :+1:

Please say they keep it as an offline game?

(Insideous) #3

Yes it’s an offline game.

I’ve only just hit the sewers because A) RE noob and B) Scary af so keep having to take breaks, hug my dog and calm down.

(Moothilda) #4


That’s how I remembered it when I played it last time :joy:

That’s awesome, there’s a huge chance it comes with me home, when I’m buying some other remastered games I’m waiting to be released :wink:

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