Apes will roll on zandalar tribe

They anounced it finally, they will roll on zandalar tribe. Good luck guys.

And May the apes have mercy on your soul


They will play on shazz alliance

I’m gonna reserv the guildname APES on all PvP servers before I do anything else. These spam posts are getting out of hand and I will get enjoyment from it.

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Not the type of guys to play on a RP PvP server. I used to play on northdale and fought them

Odd choice, I heard APES like to roll on realms where Alliance is a minority?

Of course they won’t… that means they can get banned for interrupting rp. Nice try, though.

So sad Apes chickened to Gehennas…

I doubt they would join the new server. They probably reserved all their names, and they are sure to be in the minority Alliance on the server they chose. Gehennas has a chance to be less populated than the other 2 and I don’t think this is what they want

I think thats exactly what they want, since its obvious this amount of publicity will make every single horde out there wanting to get a piece of them. And when you are hunted by several tens of thousands of players, suddenly you’re not so brave anymore, no matter who you are.


They already did. Check the Gehennas discord and see for yourself. People keep speculating but its kinda official now. Discord is the source.

Hate to break it to you but they are on all discords. They are the kind of level of toxicity they just want to be a pain in the butt even before the realms are launched. So they do these little clumsy stupid bits like posting wts devilsour leather add in Gehennas discord.

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lol, you people are so gullible, I actually get why these guilds keep trolling you lot now :smiley:

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And why do you think so? They are currently in the Gehennas’s discord. They could roll anywhere. And I doubt it will be Shazz because of all the spanish people in there.

guys I thought it was its obvious I just trolled here because of all the
apes posts. btw Everyone knows that they will go to Pyrewood village.


They don’t really ban for that.

They call themselves apes for a reason, you don’t need a huge brain to see through their little gimmicks. They want the highest populated realm for activity and max number of bracket one spots, and they want horde alliance ratio around 60/40 for fast BG queues. For now that’s is Shazzrah.

WTF is this whole apes thing anyway? feel like I missed something.

Apes are just annoying people or… ?

Apes are a well organized evil force from a private server. If you want a fulfilling world pvp experience with an even plainfield you should avoid them.

Aahh, thanks.

I was close enough ;p